Ian Lucero

Ian Lucero Plus


I'm very curious about this camera. It isn't out yet. Should be out October 2007.
What I like from the specs are it's manual controls - it's focus is manual and auto unlike the HV20 that uses Auto Focus exclusively.

What I like most is that it records to a 40GB hard drive. No cards. No tape. Hard drive. And if you were brave you might be able to replace that drive with a larger one. So that's 5hr 30min of record time at the highest resolution or 15 hours!!! at its lowest.

It has all the same image and lens specs as the HV20 so I'm gonna guess it will look similar in color and quality. The main difference is its compression isn't HDV but the more efficient AVCHD which is basically the H.264 that we all love. So this means it has the ability to a Dolby Digital track. Which is good and bad. Good because it's dolby digital. It is small, takes very little space and sounds great. Bad because it is dolby digital. There may be issues with editing software being able to ingest and edit that format. I'm not sure though as I am ignorant and very close minded, I'm on a Mac, exclusively.

What I do know is that the signal recorded right off the bat is more willing to go straight to DVD. It is already encoded for it. If you have an app like DVD Studio Pro you can just plop right in there and edit the footage in the timeline and Build it.

Also uploading to vimeo might be more simple. You might not have to recompress it before uploading and then have vimeo compress it yet again.

If you like the capture it and post it workflow of say camera phones or ps cameras but still want HD quality and more manual features the HG10 might work out great.

Price is kinda high: $1,200 but that may translate to something lower once it hits stores. I wanna see footage.

Dr. Tae

Dr. Tae

The HV20 does have manual focus, but the knob that controls it isn't convenient.

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