Simon Lind

Simon Lind


I've got a question regarding using an external monitor and where to find the best within a reasonable budget. I have a Canon 550D/t2i which I really like but it is pretty annoying not to have an LCD screen that can be flipped in any sort of angle as it can be on a normal camcorder as for example the HV30. So I've been trying to find an external monitor for my camera but have only came across some very expensive ones that is way out of by budget.

I've been looking at this setup:

But it's also a bit pricy but it's kind of what I'm looking for. It's small and if can be fastened around a grip.

The setup is supposed to be as light and handy as possible as I'm mostly filming action sports (rollerblading to be exact). If I only had known about the 60D with the new, flipping LCD screen when I bought my 550D I'd definitely have waited for it.

If there are any other brilliant ideas of how to come across this problem I'd really like to hear them!

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Simon Lind


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Like most of these things it is massively overpriced. a glidecam (like the HD2000) might offer more versatility in the long term and you can fit the monitor to the front of the counter balance instead of the weights.

or perhaps look around for an old SLR flash support bracket. basically an L-Shaped bracket that fits to the base of the camera and has a hot shoe mount on top for the monitor. Can be had for pennies and give you a handle to support the camera.

Simon Lind

Simon Lind

Maybe I ask the question the wrong way, let me try to refries it: It's not that I can't find a grip, I've already found a cheap one:

But what I'm looking for is some kind of extra monitor that allows me to see what the lens shows me when for example filming with the camera set low, pointing in an upward angle where it's not possible to see the LCD screen of the camera as it is not possible to move the LCD screen around on the 550D as you can do on the new 60D.

I hope that there are someone who understands what I mean. I have a hard time explaining myself specifically as my native language isn't English!

Simon Lind

Simon Lind

That's exactly what I've been looking for, thank you very much! The price is reasonable and I think that a 7" screen will not be too bulky for the setup I've though of.

Unfortunately these are only available through American stores so there will be added a lot of customs duties to the price. I've been looking on the English Amazon and Ebay put they doesn't seem to have any of the linked monitors in store.

Thanks for your help anyways, much appreciated!

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