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So, this might be a dumb question...I've noticed that when I am watching my edits in the preview window, the still images that I've inserted into my video look crystal clear when the image is idle in the preview window, but as soon as I hit the space bar (play), it gets a little or a lot out of focus (depending on the photo). Again, this ONLY HAPPENS WITH STILL IMAGES. What am I doing wrong?

I'm hoping that this is just something the software does to ease the load on the computer for preview playback....right?? My final product won't look a bit blurry will it??



Article19 Plus

probably just a computer horsepower thing, when you export it will be fine, it's just downrezing to keep up playback speed.


Joe Plus

That's what I was hoping....Thanks.

VercesiVideo Productions

VercesiVideo Productions Plus

Same thing happened
to my video work, seems to lose focus, even worse on full screen playback. When I used FCP for the first time I was horrified, the whole wedding looked out of focus on my apple 27" monitor. When burned to DVD it was great,
. Not sure of the reasoning behind this, perhaps someone can come up with an answer please.

Jay Murphy

Jay Murphy Plus

May have tried this but check preferences.... Set to "original or optimized media" then "better performance" tab.

Depending on specs it may be choppy.

Also, creating optimized media may produce higher quality (pro-res) files

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