Kurt Cassar

Kurt Cassar

Hi all!

I am new to all this video making business and I need advice with choosing a new camcoder. My budget is around 300 to 350 Euros. I might be submitting some of my films for a short film festival once I gain some experience with film making so the camcoder will need to have to following specifications:

Encoder: H.264

• Format: NTSC/ PAL
• Frame Width & Height: 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full HD
• Frame Rate: 25fps
• Field Order: Progressive
• Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixel
• Audio: Stereo

I would also love to experiment with focus and also might need to shoot indoors and in low lightning.

What would you all vimeo peeps suggest?!



Jeroslav Droljc

Jeroslav Droljc

I would recommend you panasonic HDC-SD700. It cannot shoot in 25 fps, but it can in 60fps! Anyway you can convert it to 25fps later. It has a focus ring, it is also good to shoot in low lightning. I would suggest you to take a look on some of the test video on youtube.

BTW it will cost you a bit more than 350 euros, but in my opinion it's worth the money.

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