Trinton Rose

Trinton Rose

Hello all!
I'm new here to Vimeo and I'm glad I found a place to host videos. I spent many years of my life wondering, "How will I live in this world? How do I survive against the onslaught of rising gas prices?" Well a few days ago it clicked when I saw this epic video of people doing "Techno Dances." I knew what I was going to do... Funny, Epic, dramatic Videos. Short videos I think people call them. That's how I want to live. Having fun instead of being enslaved behind an Office Desk(Nothing wrong with that) because its just how I am.

So! The real question>
How do the pro's out there make their living and still do their videos? I'm in college and I plan to use the money to get my E\education yet do Videos at the same time.

What life roadblocks did you Video Pros hit while making your videos? I'm the kinda guy who watches and learns.

If you can give me any tips for this epic new life I'm about to take on, that'll be great :)

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