Professor Scott Straub LLC

Professor Scott Straub LLC

I use Imovie to edit my movies, and videos of about 40 minutes are nearly 200mb! I've played with settings and am able to get it down a little smaller, but my files are very large (I think)??

Even when I split them into two parts the video files are often between 80-100 mb. Any thoughts?

I'm rendering them into mp4 h.264 640-480

Am I doing something wrong?
Are those video sizes too large or does it matter as it's streaming?

Dave Baker

Dave Baker

40 minutes of video in 200mb? Is that a typing error? That's a TINY file for so much movie! AVCHD 1080p files straight off your camcorder will be 17mbps, possibly more. Vimeo recommends 5-10mbps for uploaded files, so work it out for yourself.

john cliff

john cliff Plus

@ Dave - OP is rendering them to 640x480 - explains the apparent small file size :)

@ Prof - these are relatively small size files for 40minutes of video - the only way to bring them down any further should you wish to is to lower the bitrate but be aware this will really start to impinge on the video quality.

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