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Fabian Mohr FTP upload option locked 190
Matt Schwarz Staff
treacle New viewing size is too big for lower resolution videos!
by treacle
locked 178
Sorrel Downer Plus
Perspective Aerials 360-degree interactive video support active 165
Lucía García Subtitles by default active 163
keith "My Videos" vs "Videos I appear In" locked 162
Jared Cherup
Joe Popp Share a "private" video by URL link? locked 152
m ev
Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH Copy / Duplicate Portfolios active 152
Sean McVeigh PRO
Ted Avery Vimeo for Facebook *Pages* active 151
Harbor Light Plus
Stanley payment by paypal
by Stanley
active 141
randeep singh
Brad Dougherty HTML 5 Player active 129
Cybrary.IT PRO
Rick Cornett Embed multi-video list player onto my website locked 128
B. Bryant Productions & Films Plus
charity: water Vimeo embed on iPad and mobile devices locked 128
Chris Redding Plus
SiriNeos I would like 50p and 60p support active 126
Alex Dao Staff
Exquisite Corpse Ability to set multiple passwords in order to track where views originate active 125
Lance Tracy PRO
Peder Norrby HTML5 embedding locked 124
Spencer Lindsay
B-Line Medical Create Chapter Markers in the Video Player active 120
Odyssey Productions Plus
thomasalan Vimeo Video Upload tool locked 114
Blue Fountain Media
Ze’ev Gilad Batch Edit Video Info/Settings active 112
Tommy Penner Support
David Nett Control HD Embed Default Settings, Please active 111
Cottonwood Facebook active 110


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