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Richard Hide Play/Pause button
by Richard
locked 9
Sandcastle Pictures PRO
Calvary Hanford Save Custom Thumbnails locked 1
Calvary Hanford Plus
Tamzin A little bit more care when deleting member's videos locked 2
Matt Schwarz Staff
Jean Jamin Uploadservice plugin for Vado Software and others locked 1
Jean Jamin Plus
Felix De Portu Crop to Fit locked 4
Felix De Portu
Jacob Patrick BETTER SEARCH ENGINE locked 12
Jacob Patrick
Selim Mete Option to show stats in embed settings locked 2
Soxiam Alum
bridge sessions under YOUR VIDEOS should be "view: public" option locked 4
Soxiam Alum
Greg Vaughan Contacts who are not Vimeo users locked 5
Greg Vaughan Plus
FADE IN Does Vimeo is planning to set the subtitle option for video? locked 5
Grant Willis (VK5GR) Vimeo Plugin for Windows Media Centre? locked 4
Brad Dougherty Staff
DanHoven Special Category to more easily search for public videos locked 1
DanHoven PRO
Igor Soshkin Allow more customization on the new embedded iframe locked 9
Sandcastle Pictures PRO
Sandcastle Pictures Stealth videos! locked 1
Sandcastle Pictures PRO
RESNET Privacy Tab: Anywhere Except locked 1
Kutlu Bozkurt Vimeo Multilangual / Turkish? locked 2
Soxiam Alum
BMX Direct- bmxdirect.net Tray icon for Vimeo Uploader locked 3
BMX Direct- bmxdirect.net
Sidat de Silva Vimeo Stats: Definition of a "Finish" locked 3
Soxiam Alum
Balance Media Vimeo front page locked 3
Soxiam Alum
Kaiser Harukari iPod/iPhone WebApp Addition locked 2
Soxiam Alum


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