Michael DeChant Jr

Michael DeChant Jr Plus

I'm trying to clear out some old videos and would really like to have the ability to batch delete rather than to click three or four times to navigate to each video's delete button AND then have to enter my password each time I delete. I manage a couple accounts and currently deleting videos takes way too long.


Soxiam Staff

Hi Michael. This topic has been discussed few times in our forum. The short answer is, yes, we agree this would be a nice feature to add and we have a plan to work on it this year.

Creative Foundry

Creative Foundry Plus

Can we get specific on this? This has been an ongoing request for years now and there is all ways a concept of a solution, with out any deadlines or dates that we can expect to see this feature.

How is this still not been seen as an absolute priority by the vimeo team, this year! another year of selecting one video at a time, painfully putting in a password and deleting it.

Vimeo was such a bright star when we started using it a few years ago but really what has happened to it, you were leading the way there for a second but now it seems you have lost it.

It is slighty embarrasing to go through the forums and just see how many times this has been requested and palmed off.

There was a point that you used to say "we will not be adding this as a feature" Now its "we have a plan to work on it this year" I gues thats progress but its just not good enough

when can we start to see or hear tangible dates as to when we can see this feature?

Simon Carmody

Simon Carmody Plus

And you can bet that all the people asking for this feature are paying to use Vimeo, you'd think that would be impetus enough.


FoxProFilms Plus

I literally have hundreds of version #-## videos to delete and clean up. I've been putting this off for months in hope of an update.


Backroads PRO

I have to add my support of this request... Pro (and Plus) users deserve this basic functionality. I also desperately need the ability to to search for tags on my own videos. But instead, when you buy a pro account , you lose the organization tools. Any tags I've created are now useless. And I've lost the ability to organize using albums.
I also need the ability to select, say, 75 out of my hundreds of videos, and apply an embed preset to them all at once. Heaven help me if find that an embed preset needs to be changed... because you can't just change the settings and save the preset over itself. I have to go into each video's settings and re-apply a new preset.
Please, Vimeo people! Don't I as a Pro member deserve at least a glimpse of a roadmap into when and where I can expect these improvements? I almost get the feeling you're string me along so I don't jump ship!
Implement some improvements and charge me for them. Save me some time, and I'll be glad to pay for it.

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