Craig Price

Craig Price

Hi all, I just wonder how many people like me are stuck in a catch 22, wanting desperately to use Vimeo as I do a bit of freelance web design work, but unable to justify a one off payment of nearly $200 for Vimeo Pro.

Surely it wouldn't be that difficult to make the Pro product available by monthly instalments like the plus account, $199 may not seem much to most, but when you are trying to get going as a tiny one man start-up business all the help you can get is welcome, I for one am doing a few projects for no monetary return to build my portfolio in the beginning (some may think mad I know) however I will end up having to use another popular video site to host the footage I have simply because it's unviable for me to spend up front and I wouldn't dream of breaking Vimeo's rules, there must be demand for it surely?

I wouldn't even mind paying a few more dollars over the year for this facility as a small service charge.


Soxiam Staff

We had considered this. One thing worth pointing out here is that PRO is, by nature, a very different account type compared to our Plus offering. Under PRO, your account and the videos you uploaded will be removed once your subscription period expires. Based on our research into this area, we believed there wasn't as strong need for such type of account compared to our yearly subscription plan. But we do have plans to add features, expand the account types and service needs of wider segment so we will consider your suggestion. Thanks.

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