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dear vimeo

isn´t it possible to design the playbutton / playbar exactly like the videos on "vimeo staff picks" on the vimeo start page when you are logged in??:

seeing only the playbutton on the !left down side! + !endtime on the right down side!
and once the video is playing, the middle bar part is appearing.
now the whole playbar is visible from the beginning on which looks ugly in terms of design.
what´s the problem????? you are using it by yourself??

thanks for short feedback!!


Soxiam Staff

Sorry but what you're seeing there is not actually the player code. We are however working on a new version of our player which we hope will bring more customization options.

dokuwa Communications

dokuwa Communications Plus

hi soxiam,

thanks for yor feedback.
can you give me a hint, when the new player will be launched approximatley??


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Ken,

Sorry but Vimeo doesn't give ETA's on feature releases, but we hope to have a new player very, very soon!

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