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hi, you should really be able to display videos you are credited in on your own page. A lot of my work has been done under a collective name, and hosted on that vimeo page. Currently i can only show these videos by adding them to a Group. This is unsatisfactory, as my videos do not appear on my profile page - indeed it says there "No Videos Yet" :( :( They only display under 'Appearances' - which is anyway a weird name for videos for which i am credited as Director/Creator..
What i suggest is the ability under My Videos to not only Upload a video - but Add Video (or similar) which lets you display videos you are credited in under My Videos - even if they open up/play in the original hosts account, this would be SUPER USEFUL!!!!! and surely easy enough to implement - you have it already setup for Groups. Otherwise people are forced to reupload all videos and lose the comments/likes... thanks for listening. Fingers crossed that you realise this totally makes sense!! :)


Doug Hindson

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I 100% agree. I worked on a project with a partner and we both contributed equally. I had Vimeo plus, so it made sense to upload to my profile. However, because it's under my name it still looks to the general public as solely my project, despite equal credits and links to portfolios. Gizmodo featured it and didn't give my partner any credit, which is frustrating for her to say the least.

Vimeo- could you please allow two or more people to be set as the main authors? Allowing the video to show up on both peoples profiles, and hopefully avoiding this sort of situation - the 'Credits' section is not enough!

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