William Cody Winter

William Cody Winter

It would be great if Vimeo supported Surround Sound 5.1, I know I've heard that this is a limitation in Flash, but would a workaround not be to add support for Dolby Pro Logic II? and what about HTML5?

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney Staff

Hey William!

I did some research on this and it looks like HTML5 still has some catching up to do (brucewiggins.co.uk/?p=265). I agree that this would be an awesome feature to have though! The W3C’s Web Audio API specification does make mention of multi-channel support, so the best we can do for now is to cross our fingers and hope for browser vendors to ramp up support.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Surround sound support is something we're investigating, but there's no ETA for if or when we may roll this out.

Steve Cole

Steve Cole Plus

I realize the support isn't there yet for this but I did want to chime in with a "me too" regarding surround sound support. I'm about to start a video project which I hope to use surround sound with it. It would be great if I could also share it online while still supporting surround sound. Thanks!



+1 to Steve Cole's post.

Craig Taylor

Craig Taylor

I know this is a pretty old thread, but isn't Dolby ProLogic II actually surround encoded into a stereo feed? If that is the case, it seems that Vimeo would support Pro Logic II by default, and viewers with good "old fashioned" Pro Logic playback systems would be able to listen to the decoded surround signal. (I know it isn't 5.1 or 7.1 discrete channels, but it served us pretty well for a long time.) I guess I'm just surprised that there isn't more discussion about how useful ProLogic (or equivalent) would be for Vimeo and YouTube.
Next question: What is the best way for a videographer with no budget take a multichannel project and encode to ProLogic II?

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