I was wondering if it's possible for 2 people to own 1 video. I believe the way it works right now is one guy uploads the video, and gives "credit" to another user.

But if both of those people want to have the video under their username for whatever reason, they'll both have to upload the same video costing us time and effort, and costing you guys space and money. Plus the stats of that video are not gonna be as accurate as it were just in one place.

So, Why is this system not implemented yet?

I'm pretty sure it has to be a very good reason behind this, so, I'd like to know.

Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

Pablo Maximiliano.


Soxiam Staff

This topic has been addressed several times in our forum if you search for it. The main thing, other than the specifics of user id / video id in our database is that there are multiple settings options for videos that could become very complicated (and not easily solved without adding complexity to our product) if we allowed more than one owner.



Yeah, I've seen the different threads now.

I don't think we care about the ownership that much as we do about having 1 video under more than 1 user.

One user could be the uploader/owner, and he can give other users the option to display the video under their username/profile. That's all.



I think a proper solution is to have one primary owner who owns all the settings, and the secondary owners have rights to display it under their name (or download it).

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

We already support this. If you are credited in the video, you can add it to your featured videos, and it will appear as a video in your Appearances.

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