La Crema Winery

La Crema Winery PRO

I manage multiple brands, each with their own channel/account. The current limitation pf one account per email address is very cumbersome in this regard. Request would be, for Business Pro Users, the ability to have single "master" account, under which all sub accounts could be managed. Realize this creates a break in concept between what an account holder is and what an actual account is, but nevertheless I'm sure there are other media managers who are struggling with the management side of this same issue.


Soxiam Staff

Hi. We think multi-headed account type is an interesting idea. I think building it (and everything else that goes into it such as pricing, access rights, etc.) will be very challenging but we know there's some demand for this type of admin set up on vimeo accounts and we will look into making it possible some day. Thanks for your suggestion.

Annex Pro

Annex Pro

+1 for multi-users. EventBrite and others offer the ability to have one master account, and invite and manage others to access it - the master admin can also give access to only certain selected features, not others

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