Lucie Hollstein

Lucie Hollstein PRO

I just finished setting up a VOD page, already had a few sales and some feedback, and I would like to suggest quite an importante feature for us.

Apart from the fact that allowing to purchase VODs as a gift could eventually get a few extra sales, it would facilitate a very important circumstance for us.

Our target audience are mostly not very internet savvy (bakers and kitchen enthusiasts), so it has been quite difficult for several of them to purchase our videos. We've had many users asking how to purchase without a credit card, or if they could come by and give us the money in hand, etc...

For us it would be great to accept direct payments for our videos, then go to our account, purchase our video with our own credit card and grant them access (via their email or their Vimeo user). Also, we would love to grant free access to some people (collaborators of the project itself, etc...).

Anyway, I hope you incorporate some of this to the next version of this great service :)



Soxiam Staff

Hi Lucie. We've been thinking about a couple of similar ideas here as well. Do you think something like a promo code (which you can distribute and they can enter to watch the video for free) would work?

Lucie Hollstein

Lucie Hollstein PRO

I'm sorry for the delayed response. Well, it would make sense for granting access only to trusted people, since I guess anyone would be able to use the same promo code. But I think allowing any vimeo user to purchase videos as a gift would make a lot of sense, no only for our use cases, but as a way to possibly increment everyone's performance.

Richelle Fatheree

Richelle Fatheree Plus

Just wanted to add that a promo code could be a one-use promo code. That way one code couldn't get passed around to numerous people, allowing the "gifter" some control.

paul wheaton

paul wheaton PRO

With the holidays coming, I like the idea that somebody can buy a friend a VOD. Just supply the friend's email address. It generates a one time use key. Whoever uses it first gets to have access.


SailFlix PRO

Agree with Paul, purchasing a VOD Gift Coupon would be great for the holidays and any time. I believe Vimeo is using AWS, so one-time keys are possible. We may try a manual approach but having gift purchases automated would be a real plus.

David Hobizal

David Hobizal Plus

I second (or third) the sentiment of gifting a video, and would result in many happy friends. Thank you!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

We'll definitely consider this, but I'm afraid it wouldn't be ready in time for the holidays :(

Amberly Smit

Amberly Smit

Matt, any further news on the gifting option? I found this site through a friend's post on Facebook and would love to gift her a video. Besides the key card idea, a wish list you could share across social media would make holiday and birthday shopping long distance awesome.

Daniel Binder

Daniel Binder Plus

How about this year's holiday season? Any chance we will see VOD gift coupons anytime soon?

AJV Media


Indeed! VOD gift coupons would be fantastic! Enter the person's email and Vimeo send a one-time use key code. Brilliant!

Linda Robertson

Linda Robertson PRO

That's what I'm looking for too! I always have lots of people looking for last minute gifts and a VOD gift certificate would be ideal. It might even work on a broader scale of offering a gift code that could be used on any VOD site, not just site specific. Chances are the person I direct to buy one would use it on my site but implementing it might be easier in the short run if you offer it for any VOD site and I'd be OK with that to get it up and running quickly. We're missing a great opportunity here.

Dave Merson Hess

Dave Merson Hess

VOD gift rentals would be a great feature! Please add this.

Lewis Kemper

Lewis Kemper PRO

I have people that want to buy my video for someone else as well. Having a gift certificate would be great!

derek miller

derek miller

I'm also interested in purchasing a video for a friend. Even generating a single use promo code in the mean time would be sufficient as you work out any kinks.

Vance Van Daele

Vance Van Daele

Where does this stand. Would like to be able to gift an entire season.

Claire Ward-Dutton

Claire Ward-Dutton PRO

I would find gift certificates or ability to set a promo code very useful too - any update on this feature?

Megan Shane

Megan Shane

Another enthusiastic plea for VOD gift option!!


Teach.From.Love PRO

Yes please! This would be great. Even if it was just we create a promo code that's available for purchase, or something like that. I have lots of people who would buy additional viewings for others.



The gift would be a fantastic idea, please please do make it work - great way of sharing shows with others and increases sales

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