Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Paul,

For privacy reasons, a video can only belong to one VOD page at a time, and cannot appear anywhere else except in association with that VOD page. I understand that having to upload another file is frustrating, and we'll be looking into ways to improve this experience.

Kersti Uibo

Kersti Uibo

any word on this being implemented?

Ryan Whiting

Ryan Whiting Plus

I would like to join in the call for a 'create duplicate' feature.

Big C


Also joining the request to be able to duplicate a video for the same reasons as the original request:

"I wish to duplicate a video we already have on vimeo.
The reason is so we can have two separate privacy settings for private/public websites.
I can always upload another copy, though this is a huge file and I'd rather save my bandwith unless there's no other option."

Joseph Sikorski

Joseph Sikorski PRO

Yes- this is a much needed feature to control access & gauge response for different audiences, particularly with feature length HD.

Balrom Films

Balrom Films Plus

Also putting my voice in to request this feature. Would be great to duplicate my film - this would save on bandwidth and time.

Village 42

Village 42 PRO

Same thing here (from France). Duplicating videos to send different links of the same movie to different categories of professionals would be amazing.

Erron Adams

Erron Adams PRO

And me, this is a no-brainer for many different reasons. Absolutely necessary...

Ropeworks By Rene

Ropeworks By Rene PRO

Need to upload with different privacy settings. uploading the same video is a productivity killer. And so is your organizer. Love vimeo for so many reasons. hoping you can save me hours of uploading here.

Equipe Ivana Henn

Equipe Ivana Henn PRO

Please add duplicate vídeo button somewhere, is frustating need to upload the same vídeo twice.

Pink Palm Weddings

Pink Palm Weddings PRO

would also love ability to duplicate video - so you can apply different settings for different audiences.

Karen Alsop

Karen Alsop PRO

Need this! Want to sell on vimeo the same content that I offer privately (via restricted embed) to my members on my wordpress members site. I have a slow internet connection and cannot re-upload.

Karen Alsop

Karen Alsop PRO

Please can this be introduced?? I have just upgraded to Pro and I'd like to put all my member only videos (that are embedded in my site) up for VOD but I do not have fast internet and it would take me months to re-upload copies of the videos! If I could just click a button so that I could make one version VOD and one version hidden embed only on my website. that would be perfect.



It would be very helpful for film festival/reviewer screeners - happy to use the space on my account - it's the upload time issue. Thanks

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