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I am digitizing 15 years worth academic talks from Johns Hopkins University. Currently the date of the videos listed on Vimeo is set to the upload date. I request that you add a feature that would allow users to change the date on the videos, so that I can set the actual date for each of the academic talks that I am archiving.


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I would get a Pro account if this feature was wvailable. I'm a TVC director and uploaded my best / most recent examples first. Now that I've added my back catalogue (and less accomplished work) It looks like the old stuff the more recent stuff. Yes, I have created an album and re-ordered there but there are no custom URL's for Albums. PLEASE AD THIS FEATURE PRO

i would also love to see this feature.. for pro accounts.



I see this feature has been requested for a few years now. There must be a fair amount of resistance from the staff on this. I personally don't care if you can change the upload date - I just want to be able to curate the order of my homepage, and select which sort option is selected.

For example, add a new sort option like "User defined Order" like you can reorder in albums, but then let me say ok, this is the sort type that people will see by default when they go to my page.

I started on youtube, uploaded much better videos to vimeo - which looks so much better - and now for consistency on my website I'm bringin over my old youtube stuff to vimeo. Doesn't make for a very pretty homepage. At this time I'm forced to hide them from vimeo completely so my latest work is still the stuff that shows up first.

I don't think this is the way it should be.


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