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I am interested in producing a series of videos that users could subscribe to and continue to pay for over time. It would be cool to be able to offer a monthly subscription to a selection of videos into perpetuity. An annual subscription could also be offered at a discount.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey guys,

Currently with Vimeo On Demand, you can offer a "series" instead of just one film, and allow users to purchase access to individual episodes, or all episodes at once.

Please check out the FAQ for more:

Align Multimedia

Align Multimedia PRO

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the response! I have seen the series option. It is close to what I want but the subscription model would be so much better. I would much rather charge a smaller monthly fee into perpetuity than ask for a huge fee up front. The videos that I make are pieces that are specialized. They will have very few paid views from the general public, but a lot of views from my client-base. My client-base would be small but motivated and will want to watch over and over for years to come rather than one and done. Any chance that you could add monthly subsriptions?


Soxiam Staff

It's something we are looking into as a possible feature we might consider for future iteration of our VOD product. Thanks for your suggestion.

Integrative Health, Inc.

Integrative Health, Inc. PRO

Hi Spruce Creek, Matt and Soxiam:
At Integrative Health, Inc. we also need a membership or subscription for our client base
to view our videos. Most of our clients will start with an exercise or two and move into more
as time goes on. Monthly memberships would be perfect.
We are currently having to use Sentry Login service for the membership part,
but it is a bit awkward and having the membership built into Vimeo would be best
for maintenance and administration.
Thanks for your time today!
David D.

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