Matt Sorger

Matt Sorger PRO

Is there anyway Vimeo could implement time released videos on a schedule? Even if its a feature for Pro account users.

So Lets say I want to upload a video on Friday but I don't want people to view it until Monday morning at 9:am, and possibly be able to que the entire month or 3 months if you wanted. This would be such a useful feature for us.

Is this type of feature in the works or do you have any future plans for this feature. If not any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Matt,

We are revisiting our account types in general, but I cannot say if we'll be making changes to how videos are released/upload dates etc.

Right now the upload date is the upload date. However, if you upload a video as private, then set it to public, it should appear in your followers feeds as a "new" video despite displaying the original upload date.

Thanks for your feedback!



I want to second Matt's request. We have material that is released publicly at a specific time/date. Being able to upload a video and then have it go live (public) in the future would be very, very helpful.



A "publish on date" feature would be very handy.

Honor The Son

Honor The Son

I use the scheduling feature on Youtube and it makes it very easy to release videos at a set schedule each week. This would be a great feature on Vimeo, one that is really useful.

Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors

Dupre + Scott Apartment Advisors PRO

me too - i would love to be able to upload on Thursday afternoon and have it go live at midnight - i hate getting up early every Friday morning (yuck!) to upload my new weekly video. Oh, and no, getting up early on any other day of the week would be just as messed up. I do love Vimeo though.

Hillside Community Church

Hillside Community Church PRO

I would find this feature very useful as well. The other function I would like to see added is an uploading timer.
Example: I would like to set my 1.5 gig file to start uploading at 1:00 am when no one is using the internet in the house so the bandwidth is wide open.

Annika Garratt

Annika Garratt

The scheduling feature on youtube is great, it means that I can upload videos months in advance, set the time and date I want it to go live, and then not have to worry about it. Whereas if I upload and make my video private, having to come back later and change it from private to public, I worry that I might forget or am not going to be able to get online and do this at the specific time I want the video to become available. Since the scheduling feature has become available on youtube, I have been able to plan ahead, it's a lot more convenient, and it would be great if vimeo adopted this feature too! If this were a PLUS or PRO feature it may convince me to upgrade!

Ask the Author Sabbath School

Ask the Author Sabbath School

I am a Pro user who seconds this motion! I have a series of videos that are supposed to come out at a set time each week. It would be great to be able to schedule timely release.

walid van B

walid van B

Same here, would really love that, this feature is the only reason I release on youtube rather than vimeo :(

Norges Wrestlingforbund

Norges Wrestlingforbund

Came here and went PRO after reading scheduled publication was possible, but found out that it isn't?
I produce a webTV series and release episodes every Thursday, do I really have to upload manually to get the publishing time right? Sounds meaningless to me...

Ashlee Carroll

Ashlee Carroll

Have a pro account and expected this to be an option…sad to know you can't schedule a video upload- In the business/social media world timing is everything- C'mon Vimeo!

Misión Virtual

Misión Virtual Plus

We would find that very helpfull as well. We rather use Vimeo than youtube for many reasons, but this is a serious downside to Vimeo. Any dates this might come available?



Totally agree with what's being requested here! Any chance, Vimeo?


Webinar PRO

We'd also chime in for this. We think this would be a great feature. We'd take it one step further and suggest not just a schedule date for when videos are published, but a scheduler of when videos are "on the air" and available for a viewer to watch and when they are not.


Hufan Plus

Yes scheduled publishing date would be really great.... would be nice to have this in the nearby future so videos could be published at the same time as the posts they are embedded in....



This is helpfull. I think this is a great feature for all

© Nousha Photography

© Nousha Photography PRO

Me too I would find this very useful indeed, but, please also include either a 'Scheduled delete' or ' Scheduled make movie private date' as well...Come on do something, look at all the people that need this!!!!!! :-)

Transplanting Series

Transplanting Series Plus

I know this is a bit of an old question, but wondering if anything has come from it? Would love to see this feature :)

Leif Anderson

Leif Anderson Plus

That would be awesome, or as an alternative, have the "uploaded on" date change to match when it went public. Personally if I see a video in my feed with a timestamp from last week, I tend to assume that I've already watched it and forgotten, and I move on.

Marco Reeves

Marco Reeves

This question is 2 years old... but please tell me that this feature will be added onto Vimeo some time soon, it would be awesome!!

Trev Stuart

Trev Stuart Plus

As a pro user that schedules on YouTube I would love it if this somewhat basic feature was available here at Vimeo too. Having to switch from Private to Public means timed manpower - and that is unreliable! Would welcome scheduling on Vimeo


TorahResource PRO

How was this thread started three years ago, and Vimeo still hasn't responded with this feature? The ability to release videos on a schedule is extremely easy when it comes to coding. If you guys need to talk to a web developer on how to do this, I am sure my web developer would be happy to show you how. But something tells me this is not the problem. Listen to what the people are saying and give us this function!

Abundant Life Church

Abundant Life Church Plus

We are trying to do this as well. Our problem is that an app we are using publishes the feed no matter if it's private, only available with a link, or not visible on Vimeo at all. The private option won't play but still sends out a notification to our app users with the video title/image on display. Please make a scheduled publish date feature! Thanks.



I won't start uploading to Vimeo until we have this feature. It shouldn't be the end of the world to add the ability to upload but not publish until a set date/time (or when the upload completes, which ever comes later). Publishing on a schedule really is important.

TBN in Africa

TBN in Africa PRO

Very useful feature to have, and a bit alarmed that after 3 years of requests has still not been implemented. We're able to automate the distribution of videos at a given time (via Buffer App), but have to go old school and set reminders to login on Vimeo and set each video from 'private' to 'public' at the required time ... Pretty frustrating at present...

Tulalip Lushootseed

Tulalip Lushootseed Plus

Hey Vimeo are you listening!!!!!! At times I feel like people need to start dumping them for adding obvious features that are highly sough after. I for one want this feature and the ability to use mark the language that videos are in. Amara added the language Lushootseed in 20 minutes, Youtube already had it. Vimeo says it's too hard. Their lack of interest in serving our needs reeks of a potential boycott. With recent laws being passed in the US about native languages being taught in schools, we could probably get the US government to ban spending any money with Vimeo unless the problem is resolved.

Banana Island TV

Banana Island TV

this thread was started over 3 years ago. Any news? I want it too.

Dr Glenn P Wallis

Dr Glenn P Wallis Plus

I would really appreciate this being added too please - it makes managing content a lot easier, especially as a small business owner without additional support of others to release videos at specific times. Thank you.

Paul Cronin Studios

Paul Cronin Studios PRO

This is a must of you do a series which I am starting tomorrow. Weekly videos where I can not post while I am away. So uploading then, having it go live on a specific date is VERY important.


Goddess TV

Goddess TV

I can't believe vimeo doesn't have schedule yet, even facebook has it.

DeafDay TV

DeafDay TV PRO

You know I have been asking Customer Service Report about this a couple of times! I didn't know that a lot of you guys were asking for this functionality also! The more the better!!!! :-)



Yes, that would be nice. It would be worth upgrading my account, event.

Bob the Fish Productions

Bob the Fish Productions Plus

Seriously, look how many people want this, why haven't you done it yet I am shaking my fist in impotent rage at the INDIFFERENT MOON OVER HERE

Kit Laughlin

Kit Laughlin PRO

Adding my voice here: release on date and time would be excellent for us, for staging the release of new programs that contain, say, 20 elements.

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