Tbfxtcxzo Plus

Will Vimeo developers get a solution to the frequent removing and adding back the same identical video to the same groups in that way denying other users a normal display time in the groups first page? Since I began using the rss feeds of Vimeo groups these actions are clearly seen, while using the Group Activity tab these actions are not seen since this activity only are named added, here the added may be the same identical video removed and added back several times in order to be in the promotional preferred first page of the groups.


Soxiam Staff

This is not a frequently asked feature because it's not a common behavior but I am aware that this does happen in some groups and people. I assume you suspect that the user is doing so to get their videos to show up on the group's home page?

If so, please feel free to contact our community staff members who can try to reach out to the user(s) on your behalf.

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