David Liao

David Liao Plus

Dear vimeo,

If convenient to implement, it would be neat to add details to the message, "The HD version of this video is being encoded right now and will be ready soon. Until then please enjoy the SD version."

Browsing the help forum, it seems that perhaps this message sometimes slowly resolves itself on its own while at other times it needs a kick from vimeo headquarters. I even saw one post indicating that the message was erroneous (the message persisted even though the HD version was already available).

In situations requiring a "kick," I would be OK with giving the kick myself by re-uploading. Maybe an "HD encoding percentage progress bar" (similar to the converting progress bar) would help me see whether it gets stuck (as opposed to just crawling, which might not need my kick).

Thank you,
David Liao

(Yes, I know I am not using the recommended compression settings: I get the green box warning me about 56kbit/s audio and 15 FPS video).


Soxiam Staff

Hi David. The reason for the lack of details in the communication is because we have multi-stage process for handing transcoding and failed transcode jobs. When a job fails, the system retries multiple times and finally alerts the engineers if something needs to be done manually. This is part of the reason why we cannot anticipate and therefore display the time it would take to resolve certain cases.

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