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I am using Facebook ads to promote my VOD page I set up on Vimeo. When I do
an ad on Facebook advertising promoting an outside url outside of Facebook,
(my Vimeo VOD page), the ad automatically pulls up the video within the ad.
People then press the play button and the video
gives them the error message "Sorry the creator of this video has not given
you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature." -

I understand why it's not giving them permission, it's because they have to
pay for it. But it's unclear to the user and it looks like I've made a
mistake. What would be ideal, however, is if it plays the trailer but I have
no control of what video it will pull from my VOD page. I did figure out
that I can put a public url for my trailer which is this: BUT, on this page, there
is no other place for them to click to go to my VOD page to purchase the

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