VinceDelMonte PRO

Currently I can gather video stats in two ways.

1. By going in to each video and looking at the individual stats for that video
2. By going to my stats and looking at the stats 'by day'

Since you already have all of the data, it would be great if we had the option to set a data range and then get a CSV with all of the stats for every video in that date range.

One of the most important stats for us is Total Plays. We use this to determine which videos are too long or too short and it helps us with placing the right content in the right spot in the video.

We can total plays by video, but we have over 400 videos so checking them individually is a but time consuming.

We can also get total plays by day, but that doesn't tell us which videos were being viewed. Only an overview for all videos watched that day.

You already have the data, we just need a way to get it out that doesn't involve hours an dhours of clicking.


Soxiam Staff

You should be able to view total plays per videos on this page:

We have a plan to add export data option to this page in the future.


BlackcamSystem PRO

Hey guys,

could you offer a pdf-version for video statistics? I exported the csv-file to excel, but it looks nothing like the chart seen on vimeo - just numbers and letters I don't understand. It would be a cool feature, not just for internal use.

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