Nicholas Korn

Nicholas Korn Plus

I would be really helpful for filmmakers if they could receive purchaser info - primarily their email address. I'd like to add members of my audience to my email list, and possibly send them an invitation to comment on the film, or take a survey on what they did and didn't like.

Thanks - Nicholas

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Nicholas,

We're hoping to make this something viewers can opt in to. Stay tuned!

7th Street Film Syndicate

7th Street Film Syndicate PRO

This is also very important to us as filmmakers selling our work. If Vimeo wants to support/be in business with independent filmmakers who self-distribute, this feature - being able to contact OUR customers - is crucial. please make every effort to make this happen as soon as possible. When can we expect this feature to be available? The original question was asked one month ago. Thanks for a response.

Csaba Kiss

Csaba Kiss

Hi, I would like to know if this problem has been solved in the last 12 months? I want to publish my video lessons and it is crucial for me to be able to know my customers name and email. So if i publish my works and someone is watching my videos, I will get the information about my customers? I will get the email address and name of them.

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