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It will be very useful being able to have Invisible Albums to organize your videos internally and, specially, being able to select one of those albums at the same time that you upload your videos. In that way, after uploading they would be directly included in the selected álbum and will ease the management of the videos a lot.


Soxiam Staff


If you are uploading a single video, you should be able to click on the "add to" tab while the upload is in progress to add the video to albums. This feature is currently missing when you are uploading multiple videos but we want to improve that experience in the future.


campusMVP PRO

Thanks for the response. That addition would be very welcome. On the other hand, a better way to organize private videos would be very appreciated too.

One more thing: I'm using IE10 to upload videos from Dropbox: it misses the third selected video every time. it seems a bug, at least with this browser.


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