Catherine Plus


It would be good to add the possibility when you play a video on vimeo to chosse in wich size you want to see it. As it is in youtube. The only alternative now is the embedded format (chossen from the person who add a video somewhere), or full screen. Full screen if often bigger than the real size of the video and it's not nice to see. Add please add the possibility to see it in the real size of the video, to optimize the quality.



Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Catherine,

When you full screen a video, you are present with a 'Scaling On/Off' button in the top right of the player. Turning scaling off will show you the actual size of the video as uploaded, while turning scaling on will make the video the size of your monitor.


Orygen PRO

We're not talking 'Scaling', the 'Quality size' setting as per youtube, would be very handy indeed i.e. letting the user change to 480p, 720p

Bernadette Bettinelli

Bernadette Bettinelli

My Videos are recorded at 640x480, why do they become tiny in an enormous black frame on Vimeo and integration? that's awful. What to do?
Please Thank you to answer me.

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