Dan Schultz

Dan Schultz

I fear that you are backwards in your view that makers can't think for themselves about what a good video experience is for their viewers. I'm working with world class documentary filmmakers and we are creating an immersive documentary film about the gun debate.

There is a 15 second intro, which fades to a showroom entrance form.

It's ridiculous that I can't disable the giant pause sign that appears in the middle. I'm a bit offended, honestly. It's a case of developers gone wild!

Link: thegunshow.tv:8888

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Dan,

If you'd like you can switch to Vimeo PRO which allows you to use a third party player, therefore having total control over things like the player buttons (if that player allows for it).

Unfortunately though, we think it bad user experience to hide the play button.

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