Jämtfilm AB

Jämtfilm AB

I have a film here on VOD called MARIANNE.
About a week ago, due to the French holiday, that film happened to get some attention by pure chance.

A major French website called slate.fr mentioned my film in an article, embedded the trailer connected to the VOD film, and wrote that it was available through Vimeo on Demand.

This caused a major spike in the analytics that came out like this:
14,957 Trailer Loads (from slate.fr and connected sites such as mobile etc)
542 Embedded Trailer Plays (from slate.fr)
41 visits to mariannemovie.com (a slight increase from the previous day, though only four from France and none directly from slate.fr so could be coincidence)
0 purchases.

I understand there's a search engine problem at the moment on Vimeo, although a simple google on "marianne movie" should direct anyone to the VOD site so I don't think that's the main issue.

I have an idea though.

How about an automatic new browser tab to the VOD page opening upon playing an embedded trailer?

Link: slate.fr/culture/75149/trailer-films-ne-pas-rater-ou-voir-en-juillet

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi there,

I think the issue here is that your VOD analytics may be off. We're aware of such an issue and are working to resolve it. We'd like to fix the root issue rather than redirect a user to the site since the embedded player should work just fine :)

Jämtfilm AB

Jämtfilm AB

The analytics are off?
So do I get more or less loads/plays/purchases than I'm seeing?

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