Sam Price-Waldman

Sam Price-Waldman Plus

Hey Vimeo,

Was just thinking, it'd be awesome to have some sort of folder structure/categorization option for the "My Videos" page. A place to filter all the rough cuts from the private videos and the public films. Mainly, this is for my own sanity when looking through the "My Videos" page right now. Similar to Albums, but more for personal use.

My apologies if this has been suggested before, as searching "my videos" brought up more than I could filter through. Thanks!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Sam,

We are talking about this in some other threads, so I will redirect this to the appropriate one after my comment.

Right now Vimeo asks that users try our Groups, Channels, and Albums for organizing their videos. The videos list from your profile is simply meant to show your videos from newest to oldest based on upload date – we don't see have this page link to other collections as the best way to organize content for users.

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