Distant Shores

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Is there any chance of getting the filename we have chosen in the "advanced settings" Custom URL for the file to be the default name that comes up when someone downloads our episodes?


As it is they might buy our season of 13 episodes and have a bunch of numbers for the filenames. We also have a popular "super-pack" of 91 episodes and customers essentially have to manage these names on their own.

Thanks in advance guys. You are great!


Uncommon Video

Uncommon Video PRO

Hi Vimeo Team,
We're new to Vimeo Pro and excited to be using it! We'd also appreciate some level of control over the file names for download (whether they're set to match the Advanced -> Custom URL or the Basic -> Title or even the file name of the original file we uploaded). The numbers that currently come up as the file name in the dialog box that appears when you click the Download button->Right Click->"Save Target As" on the link are not a helpful file name for our viewers. Please let us know if changing (or controlling/keeping the original) the name of the downloadable file is currently an option that we've overlooked as novice users.
Thank you!

Distant Shores

Distant Shores PRO

Hi Again, I notice that when we choose our advanced settings Custom URL that it checks to be unique, so it might be possible to have the file named that?

Thanks again Vimiers (Vimeo-ers?) :-)

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