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OK, people,
I'm about to break my head on my gaming device named PS3. I am using it as multimedia center, and I'm watching contents of Youtube, Maxdome, Lovefilm (some German movie rental services).
But there is a video platform I am just LOVING, and this is... tada!.. Vimeo.
I love all those HD contents and professional short movies etc.
But there is a problem (and this problem exists for years, like thousands of forums say me): Vimeo website is not compatible with PS3 browser. And there is no PS3 app, so "Vimeo everywhere" is pretty inaccurate slogan. I mean, hey, Xbox and PS3 were sold more than 70.000.000 times both. And there are XBox accessibility. But no PS3?

Please, and I am not alone with my request, do something.
* Make a Vimeo app for PS3
* make vimeo websites accessible to PS3 browser (apparently you can watch some vimeo movies embed on another sites, just not at - please fix it).
* just give me some advice how to watch vimeo at PS3. Please! Thank you.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi there,

Unfortunately Vimeo doesn't have any plans to create a PS3 app at this time, however someone recently mentioned that Sony would be tackling this project on their message boards.

This is something that Sony needs to reach out to us to complete, so hopefully we'll hear from them!

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