Blue Satellite Productions

Blue Satellite Productions

Sometimes the best marketing for a film is allowing the viewer an opportunity to see it. It would be great if filmmakers could allow a certain part of their film to be seen for free before the viewer had to pay to see the rest.

For example, if you were releasing a documentary that was 90 minutes in length, you may allow the first 5, 15, or 30 minutes of your film to be seen for free but the viewer would be forced to pay to see the rest of it.

If your audience is engaged with the story and characters of your film, they are more likely to want to see the rest of it and pay for it.

Also- at that moment, you can ask the viewer to share the movie on facebook/twitter for a reduced rate. Once they submit the facebook/twitter post promoting your film, the price drops. Lets say it was $9.99 before, the new price could be $8.99. It's great for the filmmaker because the user has now promoted their film and the user gets an easy discount.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

It's an interesting idea, but not one I'm sure we'll implement. In the meantime, you can always upload that "preview" video in place of the trailer and ask users to purchase at the end.

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