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When a person has played some videos in vimeo, there appears a huge ugly 'row' of video thumbnails at the top of the page. Supposedly if you click 'Hide' they go away, but every time the page is changed or a different video is watched, the thing reappears. So one ends up spending a lot of time, hiding it again and again.

Is it possible for the user's Settings, to have an option to turn the thing off so it never appears? That way, those who like it, can have it. I hate it in Youtube, and so that's why I seek to get rid of it, here. It takes up space on a repeated basis, clutters the screen.

Thank you for your time!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

We're currently revisiting this "More Videos" bar and looking for ways to move it around or make it an option for users. We'll update users if we make a change!

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