paul wheaton

paul wheaton PRO

The idea of searching for a new streaming host seems like a lot of work.

And we are talking about possibly doing three or four DVD kickstarter projects in 2014.

There are a few small bumps I can live with, but these two things are turning into bigger bumps every day:

Is there a way to pay for features or services? Maybe stuff can be opened up to VOD/Pro people to vote with their dollars? Rather than spending a week finding a new host and getting my stuff moved there, I would rather pay to get the features I want.

(on a side note - am I the only one that cannot see posts older than four days in this forum?)

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Paul,

Please continue to post in these threads instead of creating new ones.

I'm sorry but we can't develop features with the turnaround you're looking for, or just for one users' benefit. The timelines/probability of the features you're asking for in those threads are what they are :(

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