Seriously, we have 2014 and it's still not possible to upload and watch smooth videos on Vimeo, regardless of the resolution. Why not simply limit the bitrate, why this unnecessary frame rate cap? Why think about 4K but throw away half of the frames?

On some other sites this is working for years (Flash and HTML5): Sample:

When I try to upload a game video in 720p@60, Vimeo deletes every second frame for no reason. The uploaded version stutters then arround in 30 fps.

Here is a simple test video (only a few kb):

Here is, what Vimeo has left from it: vimeo.com/84984142

On YouTube it's possible, but you have to do an awkward workarround (code in in half speed, play at double speed): youtube.com/watch?v=YP21RW0MiSM

Please stop this, you are really destroying content here. :(

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

We're definitely interested in this but there are no plans at the moment for transcoding 60fps content and keeping its native framerate, sorry!



Could you at least explain, what's the reason for this? Why is 1080@30 no problem but 720p@60 isn't possible? Is it really that difficult?

It Vimeo could support 60 fps, it would be THE DEFINTIVE PLACE for game videos and trailers out there. :)

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