Zena Hirsch

Zena Hirsch Staff

Just an update: we now generate 720p and 1080p files automatically for Plus and PRO users. Not only that, we also generate 2K and 4K files for download! (These will become available for playback in the coming months.)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Keep 'em coming!

ProFamily Films

ProFamily Films PRO

The more voices we can get will perhaps lead to a solution here.

If we upload a video in 1080p, it only makes sense to keep it in 1080p, rather than downgrading and encoding it to 720p and then upgrading to 1080p and having to wait for it to convert back. This causes significant delays when I want to send 1080p to my clients, and they request a change, I post a new video, but have to wait for 2 encodes. Time adds up and Vimeo slows us down here. Vimeo is the best and we ask that you give us what we want.

Not to mention when upgrading, the 720p version disappears and I'm stuck with SD until the upgrade completes. At least let us send the 720p version to clients while the other is waiting - but SD? 2014? It doesn't give us much hope that all the work we did to create a nice looking file will be preserved.

Please vimeo, hear us on this one.

Gary Huff

Gary Huff Plus

I am astounded that, in 2014, Vimeo still cannot handle multiple playback resolutions. I don't mind if the status quo remains the same for free users (depending on how much backend processing it requires to do both), but to not have YouTube like options for different playback resolutions is getting frustrating.

Johan Blomqvist

Johan Blomqvist

Yes! Is there somehow we can really get this message trough to the devs? I really want to offer 1080p playback for my videos, (otherwise, why spend hundreds of dollars on hi-res recording equipment right?) but as Vimeo points out the loading times/amount of data get pretty tough loading 5 Mbps video (which I assume is what is being streamed?).

Are there any plans for this at all??

ProFamily Films

ProFamily Films PRO

Plus, if we set a bunch of uploads and then head to bed (what I'm doing now) then all the files still aren't ready for us in the morning (that is, if we want 1080p... but if we're on Vimeo... why wouldn't we want 1080p?), as we have to go in to each of them and tell them all to re-encode themselves to 1080p.

Please hear us Vimeo!

Plasser & Theurer

Plasser & Theurer PRO

I agree! It would be really useful, if the 1080p conversion could be enabled by default.
I'm uploading large amounts of videos via the API every night (almost all of them 1080p), so triggering the conversion from 720p to 1080p manually definitely is not an option.

It's a pity, because the 1080p feature is there and a great thing, but having to do it manually renders this virtually useless for me (and I think others).

Josh and Dori's Adventures

Josh and Dori's Adventures

Yes. Me too. I just wrote Vimeo about this and then found this thread. Happy to hear others are crying out for this basic function!

Sabri Noor

Sabri Noor Plus

Youtube does not do this hassle. Why isn´t it possible even in the payed Vimeo Account???

Illusory Film

Illusory Film Plus

this also costs time for me in waiting until the 'upgrade this video' option is available

Paradigm Imageworks

Paradigm Imageworks Plus

Just recently signed up for Vimeo, and this is a big turn-off. Had I know about this, I might have joined. Manually selecting 1080p for each individual video is a huge PITA, enough to get me reconsidering other hosting options.

ProFamily Films

ProFamily Films PRO

Hello Matt Schwarz,

6 months ago you gave two reasons why you convert to 1080p to 720p, but we're not asking that Vimeo do away with 720p and automatically convert every upload from every user to 1080p. Thats not what we're asking. Besides, Vimeo gives each user the ability to circumvent your reasons after we upload. If your concerns were truly valid, you wouldn't offer us the ability to switch to 1080p at all, because it would be too expensive, and too many people wouldn't be able to smoothly play videos.

So the question still remains - since we can get to 1080p anyways AT OUR CHOICE, why can't the time saving option be made available, especially for those who pay, as a master setting for our whole account, to keep uploaded videos in 1080p in 1080p, without the unnecessary down conversion and unnecessary waste of time?

We're asking to make the choice, that is already given to us, to be account wide and selected BEFORE uploads, to save all of us valuable time. Thank you.

Chris Pahlow

Chris Pahlow PRO

I agree, please default to 1080p if we upload in 1080p.

A resolution selector for the viewer (like YouTube has) would be ideal.

Ramon Blanquer

Ramon Blanquer

Yes being able to select the resolution would be ideal, and in my opinion the most sensible option. Some people who cannot play it in 1080 they could set it to 720. Now if someone cannot play it at 1080 they will have to watch the SD version straight ahead... That's not cool

Missouri Media Production

Missouri Media Production PRO

Please bear with me I am new here. I just signed up for Vimeo Pro because I am a big fan of 1080P HD. Can I upload my two hours feature film in HD 1080P or just forget it? Any info would be much appreciated.

Moritz W.

Moritz W.

This really is the weakest point of vimeo and quite annoying to go through 2 conversions every single time.

Cyrus Omoomian

Cyrus Omoomian

and then after the conversion from 720 to 1080....
The HD 1080 on vimeo looks crappy and not sharp compared to youtube HD 1080?
It really sucks and I have pro account.
Fix this before we start leaving, VIMEO!

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

We have some updates coming in the near future that will allow simultaneous 720 and 1080 versions, in addition to paving the way for 2K and 4K video. No ETA for when, but this is being worked on.



will this include me being able to watch my uploaded 720/50p mp4 files in 50p and not the jerky 25p that vimeo currently appears to convert them to for playback ???

Youtube supports 50p video playback if the uploaded file is 50p (like mine are) and youtube is free, but we cannot create portfolios like we can here in vimeo, but if i cannot have my viewers watch my 720/50p video in 50p mode then i wont be re-newing my Pro account.

Locked In

Locked In PRO

I too need the 1080p option to be easy and default, an account setting would be great. My customers need to see the 1080p video and we will forget to come back later to "flip the switch".

JC Weatherby

JC Weatherby PRO

Agreed. The uploaded source files should remain 1080p. Streaming 720 is fine. The average viewer won't know the difference. Glad to hear support for advanced resolutions is in the pipe.

Paradigm Imageworks

Paradigm Imageworks Plus

Glad to know that updates are coming to fix this issue, but I do hope it comes soon. Would love to stay with Vimeo, but I'll be leaving if there's no resolution comes renewal time.

AJV Media


Simultaneous 720p and 1080p versions would be fantastic. Also, the option of playing back in 4K (when the original is 4K) should be there as well. Thanks!

Homemade Robot

Homemade Robot Plus

Agree. If I'm uploading in 1080p I want it to be displayed as such - why would I waste my time otherwise? Having to wait until it's been encoded after upload in order to then specify 1080p is absolutely infuriating. Allow the user to specify before uploading if they want to downgrade to 720p.

Silver Iris Entertainment

Silver Iris Entertainment Plus

Adding to this, yes I agree, I know I am not a plus or pro member..but I have been on Cimeo for awhile an I am just not realizing this hiccup.

Jon Key Photography

Jon Key Photography Plus

The average users cell phone has a screen of close to or larger than 1080p, your reasoning is flawed and frustrating for a site that has traditionally listened to the needs of creative professionals.


Studio229 Plus

Please fix this. We use Vimeo professionally for clients as a VFX studio and I have to have myself or someone sit and wait for the 720p encoding just to then click on the 1080p version. We're paying you a monthly fee to host our work on your website, please make it so that we can host in the way we need!

We HAVE had clients ask "Why isn't this video in 1080p?" because we forgot to switch the option, making us look unprofessional in our delivery. PLEASE fix this now!



Hi, bit late to chime in here, but i just posted a new topic in the help section about 50p support.

I shoot video in 1080/50p avchd @ 28Mbps and many files are like 3gb up to 8gb in size, so uploading 1080/50p mp4 is not an option (takes far too long) so i convert a copy to 720/50p mp4 @ 13Mbps in my VideoReDo software, which halves the file size but keeps the video at a very good quality while still maintaining the 50fps.

This video can be downloaded by whoever wants it, but why do we have to suffer with this these videos being converted to 720p @ 25fps making my videos jerky when we watch them.

youtube supports 50p video now, and it is free, only thing is that Firefox still wont play 50p video but Chrome will, so something is wrong with all this, especially that i pay for my account here in Vimeo, and i love the Portfolios that Vimeo lets me create to display all my videos, but people have to put up with watching crappy quality 25p jerky playback.

please give me 50p support.


Adistu Plus

Multiple resolution playback REALLY needed !
I really love vimeo for the creative videos that are being uploaded, but technically youtube is far superior just because of this feature.


NathanielDavidWeddingVideography Plus

Vimeo, you do a good job reducing artifacts and other things that put you ahead of youtube. I trust direct 1080p uploads with option able playback resolution are coming soon, and I am stoked for the results. This is what the people need!!!

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Thanks Nate, multiple video resolutions are coming sooner than later :)

Kinora Films

Kinora Films Plus

+1 for default 1080P video for paid users, and multiple resolution playback!

Jordan Dunstall

Jordan Dunstall

It's quite appalling that paying users of Vimeo don't have this option already.


Blasst Plus

Others have mentioned frame rates before. Dropping frames on a 1080/60fps project after uploading to Vimeo takes away from the smoothness and gives the video more of a "jerky" look to it. Please consider allowing higher frame rates please.

LoKan Sardari

LoKan Sardari PRO

At least, give us the possibility to configure 1080p as a default for all future uploads (like Creative Commons, Privacy, etc.).

It's not fun to pay a Pro account, and read that HD videos are expensive to host. So does my Pro membership !
There is no 50p/60p support, no 4K stream, and the encoded quality is now the same as it's on YouTube. Wake up Vimeo, please !!

Kasha The Kuvasz

Kasha The Kuvasz Plus

Agree I find it shameful for you to take our money in 2015 and you can't upload a 1080p video and have it encoded that way the first time. Way to innovate (and thats not even innovation) how about 4K or 8K resolutions. What's your excuse there. If you haven't noticed Vimeo, resolution continues to improve so the big question is why can't you? Don't be surprised when we all start jumping ship for another service.

Petr Schreiber

Petr Schreiber

I am also voting for "upload 1080p, keep 1080p".

Due to bad location, I have 50kB/s upload. You cannot imagine how I felt when I finished multihour upload finally and then I see the video has been reduced in quality significantly.

I just upgraded to Plus in expectation it will help me get around these kind of issues, which would be understandable for free account.

thom cookes

thom cookes Plus

another vote for "keeping it as we upload it", please ... if I send 1080p, that's what I want to be there, especially if someone is going to download it, and ESPECIALLY if I am a paying customer... thanks ...



There is a reason I exported my video out of Premier at 1080p... It's so I can upload it at 1080p, and people can watch it at 1080p. Already you don't support 60 fps for anyone, which takes away from quality. As an artist the details of my work are critical to be seen for job applications, so why are they getting thrown out on your whim when I absolutely need them? You say it's expensive, but I only upload one video ever few months, so why is that one critical video not able to be uploaded at its intended res?

André Bisson

André Bisson Plus

I'm starting to see glitches and get annoyed with the pace of change, if something doesn't happen over this summer I'm getting my video platform facilities elsewhere. Uploaded in 1080p, keep it in 1080p, the constant change and coding it reducing my quality and causing glitches.


Kayak2012 PRO

Guys, I'm getting tired of dealing with this issue. I want all of my stuff to default to HD unless the user specifically flips a switch to SD. I'm actively looking for a replacement service now. If I find a service that offers this I will switch.

David Wilder

David Wilder PRO

Yes! I thought I was missing some setting that allowed for direct 1080 encoding, but after reading this forum, I realize it's simply Vimeo's misguided UI pattern.

Sid B.

Sid B.

How about you get some advertising support if you're so poor?

Nikhil Kapoor

Nikhil Kapoor Plus

Uploaded my video 2 days back in 1080p. Its still not showing in HD. I was just about to upgrade to a PRO account and now I am having second thoughts.

Link: vimeo.com/135251210

Deeragon Entertainment

Deeragon Entertainment Plus

In 2015, if I upload 4K DCI or Ultra HD it should stay 4K DCI or UHD not going back to 720p format.

I still don't understand why I still pay for that service...I use more Youtube these days. At least allow PLUS users to upload 20go a week : I need more space to save my 4K videos. So far, I can only upload short 4K videos (less than 5 go).

Having a 1080p auto setting & allowing more space should be more easy than 4K playback.

Oak City Films

Oak City Films PRO

yet another vote for at least connection-based quality -- I need 720p playback so our potential clients can see it on slower connections, but 1080p so the content shines in its original quality when the connection will allow for it.

Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical PRO

+1, current workflow is terrible (have to come back to each video after encoding to switch to 1080p)

Andy Ramsey

Andy Ramsey Plus

Another vote for adding this feature. Even though my "Always play in highest quality" global option is checked, all my videos show up in 720p and I have to manually switch them. Every competitor has connection-based playback. If you want to position yourselves as the "fancy" video hosting site that people have to pay for, you can just make the low end 720p. Most smartphones have a higher resolution than this but it would beat YouTube's macroblocky 240p!

Lou Janko

Lou Janko PRO

Vimeo... this should not be a rocket science fix.
When companies stop listening to their customers, customers find alternatives. It's been too long. Setup a default for 1080P and stop wasting BOTH of our time.

Josiah Duncan

Josiah Duncan Plus

Hope this happens soon. Since Youtube has fixed their previously ugly player I've been using it for my 1080p content since it's sharp at 1080p and automatically switches resolutions for people with slow internet. I would also just love if they would accept ProRes as an upload format before converting like Youtube can since that's one less compression pass that makes my footage muddy.

Scott Cheap

Scott Cheap

Jeez I really start to get more and more disappointed with Vimeo. It seems like only more frustrations appear with time. My vids not only will not upload 60fps but now not in 1080. Youtube has 4k 60fps god dammit. It is no rocket science. I am a programmer, I know how these things are implemented. Of course you Vimeo you will need some more advanced hosting equipment but given the number of paid subscribers how can you not afford this? If things do not change very quickly I will leave for youtube that is for sure.

Nobrainer Creative

Nobrainer Creative Plus

Considering taking my business elsewhere if this is going to remain "as is". I have clients at Interscope and Capitol Records and the downconvert/upconvert are a serious nuisance. Really need this to change by end of year. I refuse to continue wasting time for both myself and my clients.

Chris Borgman

Chris Borgman Plus

TWO YEARS ago staff member Matt said:

"Right now we convert 1080p to 720P for two reasons:
1) HD video is expensive to host 2) A lot of viewer's computers cannot support 1080 playback and it causes the video to stutter or load for long periods of time
That said, we are considering offering this in the future. We appreciate your feedback!"

After TWO years 1080p is not just "full" HD, it's industry standard. In the web/tech world TWO YEARS ago is a lifetime and NO ONE is having problems playing 1080p video, especially people hosting/viewing content on Vimeo, being that it's been marketed as the place where professionals host. But just in case, if one in two hundred users have an issue with playback they can just click OFF the HD button. See... problem solved.

When I upload a 4K video to YouTube, it gets played back at 4K, automatically! Vimeo is still stuck in 2004 thinking 720p is really "far out man!" YouTube has supported 1080p since 2010.

Makes you think.

Scott Simonsen

Scott Simonsen PRO

Expensive to host? Then why am I paying money to host it at 1080 for film festivals only to see it keep dropping to 780? If you charge us, you should deliver what we pay for. This is really upsetting and unprofessional.

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