Jordan Stewart

Jordan Stewart

My children are of the age wherein they can control the AppleTV (our only content vehicle) on their own. And I want them to watch more Vimeo; I'd far prefer they get lost in that world than in the vapid landscape of 'Netflix for Kids' or 'YouTube'.

I've spent time curating some great Vimeo watch-time with them but when they've tried to Vimeo on their own (primarily by entering the 'animated' channel) they quickly run into videos that bother them. So they leave.

They need a clean way to access the relevant stuff.

A channel devoted to children under the age of 8yrs? Or, as Netflix does, a user/age identifier (when the app opens) that filters-out everything not relevant so that they can explore freely?

Again, I make this suggestion because I'd prefer that Vimeo be the most watched channel on our AppleTV. But until the app gets better or there's some sort of filtering/curation put in place, kids will be more comfortable in the cartoon quagmire of the other two video channels.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Jordan, we have a major update to our Apple TV app coming very, very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

The new app will follow along with your Content Ratings preference, take a look at our FAQ about how Content Ratings work: Additionally, if you're not logged into an account, the Apple TV app will only show "All Audiences" content.

With regards to a children's channel, at the moment we do not curate that type of content. We'll take that into consideration, but in the meantime you may have to curate your own child-friendly content with your own Channel:

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