So I just watched "Vimeo Office TIMELAPSE." And I saw that thing projected on the wall in one of the comments it was called "the Pulse" So I'm a little nosy and went to vimeo.com/pulse ...but to alas "I do not have permission to see that page." I thought it was a cool concept and would like to know if we can view the Pulse some time in the future.

dalas verdugo

dalas verdugo Staff

It is pretty cool. It basically just plays random clips continuously. It's kind of frustrating though, because you can't see any info about the clip or go to it's page, so sometimes you see a really awesome clip, but it passes and you are never able to find it again.

It also shows some site stats and other stuff.

I believe it was made just for the TV news show that was shooting in the Vimeo offices, so it's strictly an internal thing, but I'm sure some of the ideas will be transferred over to the public site.

Ian Lucero

Ian Lucero PRO

That would be a great thing to have on the home page of vimeo. In the same way you are able to see the activity.



Yeah, the no info/not finding being able to find the video again would suck... But if there was a way to put the info in I would definitely go to it quite a bit. Also it just hit me it would be cool if you have the PULSE...and you could set it to display only videos which you want to watch. Perhaps have little check boxes with popular tags...like right now I only items with these tags... Lip dubbing(check), Timelapse(check), videos from users I've subscribed to(ehhh not right now), Random Videos(Uncheck)

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