I'd like to revisit this topic, especially since the last time it came up was in the context of a full-screen option, which isn't something that I'm keen on. But I wouldn't mind it if the player screen were somewhat larger, maybe 500x375 or 540x504. I'm not sure how the conversion works, but most cameras are shooting VGA or better natively, which is 640x480, so a somewhat larger screen wouldn't involved stretching in most cases, would it?



YouTube video is mediocre; Google is worse. But a somewhat larger screen size could be implemented without sacrificing quality, as long as people upload suitable source video, and I think it would be worth the somewhat longer upload and conversion times.


bk Plus

I find myself zooming into vimeo with OSX's built in screen zoom a lot. The quality may not be great with fullscreen flash video, but I prefer to have the option of big shitty video or tiny good video.

Adam Holwerda

Adam Holwerda Plus

As long as users were able to choose what size their uploaded videos became - the normal 400x300 or the larger 500/600 by whatever - it would definitely suck if I'm uploading video shot at 320 by 240 and it gets warped to almost twice that size...



I think it's time that 640x480 becomes the new standard of flash video. If implemented properly, that type of news could start a revolution.

Who doesn't like revolutions?

Clintus McGintus

Clintus McGintus Plus

My videos seem to be stretching. I upload 320x240 and they are being blown up to 460x345. Suppose to be that way? Any way of going to it's native size?

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