netplay Plus

When a person who is not logged in and or does not have a password to a given album clicks on albums from a users profile page they can still see all the names of the albums. My feature request is to have an option to hide those album names? Not urgent just a request. Thank you.


Soxiam Staff

Sorry but it's really taxing to gave granular options to show/hide stuff from activities list. You can, of course, always choose not to show the activities list on your profile page at all.


netplay Plus

Thank you. My point is that I am hiding my activities list already and the album names still show. If you go to the profile page where the activities list is hidden while not logged in to any account the album category shows the number of albums and if you click on it it lists all the albums.


Soxiam Staff

Yes, that's the current behavior but we actually agree with you and we plan to only list albums you have the permission to view.


ID2Media PRO

Any update on this - As I too need this behaviour..

Rodrigo Itaboray

Rodrigo Itaboray Plus

Any progress? 4 years since first request. I dont want my albuns showing on my profile.


IRT Plus

Same here - we really need this functionality asap.



Not sure if the users above are asking the same thing, but I am wondering if it's possible to maintain an album that does not show at all (nor do individual clips within its contents). For example, I am hoping to post a folder that is just small clips I want a client to see, but do want any hint of it on my public Vimeo profile. Is this not possible?


Soxiam Staff

You can password protect your album. The album itself will show up on your albums page but only people with the password will be able to access the album.



I actually don't mind the Album name showing up, just don't want to have all the little thumbnails show up on my profile page of each little 30 second clip I will be posting.



Same here. Please, you're "working on it" for five months!



I really, really need this option: HIDE MY ALBUMS from my profilepage!
Please could you post any progress so far?!

Manuel Flurin Hendry

Manuel Flurin Hendry Plus

the status was "we're working on it" 3 (!) years ago. what happened?

this is an absolutely needed feature for people who work with vimeo professionally. i am a plus customer and desperately need this.

thanks for listening.

one studios

one studios Plus

Agreed. Where is this feature. Seems like it would be simple enough.....

Daniel Pomarède

Daniel Pomarède PRO

I use vimeo professionally and this option would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Jaakko Rinne

Jaakko Rinne Plus

WTF, this feature has been requested THREE YEARS AGO and it's still not possible? That's idiotic.

I would like to use albums to show multiple short videos to my clients privately with a single link and a single password entry, but I don't want anyone else to see those albums on my profile. How about just adding a tick box for "unlisted" on the settings page for each album? Problem solved.



Agreed, this would be a great feature.

KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg

KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg PRO

We would appreciate this feature very much. The staff hasn't posted anything in here for 2 years. I am wondering whether they even read this.

Saved Ground

Saved Ground PRO

I would also like to have the ability to hide or unlist private albums from view.

Veson Nautical

Veson Nautical Plus

Ditto, found this by searching for a way to hide Album Titles. Doesn't make sense that password protected album titles are always visible.

carlos arevalo

carlos arevalo PRO

And ??? Where is the asistance team ? I also need this feature to hide albums...

Stallion Salmon

Stallion Salmon

These guys are so lazy - can't add freaking one simple feature to show/hide album. It has been 4 years now - all I can say is WTF they need either better managers/programmers or better competition. How about another website like vimeo that has all the vimeo feautres plus plenty others that people have been requesting for ages and all you need to transfer your videos from vimeo to the other great site is just enter your vimeo username and all your likes + videos + comments gets transferred to the site. Great opportunity here for somebody who wishes to compete with vimeo(trust me it's easy)

DeCheser Media

DeCheser Media PRO

agreed...come on. I work for multiple ad agencies and multiple clients. I add albums so the many videos and versions are available in one place to that client. Some clients and agencies bid on the same work I produce. Clients can see each others folders. We name the folder per client and project for clients ease of use. We could of course use numbers or letters that mean nothing, but why....?
This is not really business or "Pro" ready without this feature.

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