Nate Cartier

Nate Cartier Plus

It would be a great help if you could change/customize the background image on the private video password window. Even if the background was just black it would be an improvement. The vimeo background is a bit too cutesy for many peoples' websites. Thanks!

Iain & Jane

Iain & Jane Plus

That would be very good - the background image is problematic because it doesn't relate to anything the user is expecting to see, which causes confusion. The option of a plain background would be a great addition.

Avanti Software

Avanti Software

Any update on this change? The Pro account still shows the cartoony background and this is totally unrelated to our product...

Rebecca Parrish

Rebecca Parrish Plus

yeah. this would be a HUGE improvement. Would be great to at least add it to the plus/pro accounts


Filmular PRO

Yes please, googled this today, plain background or user background would be great. Thanks


Soxiam Staff

As I stated above, we will definitely be looking into this.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris

Please do something about this, we are using Vimeo for law enforcement training, this has been one of the biggest complaint

ModelSensation Photography

ModelSensation Photography Plus

Any fix on this yet... Sounds like a half of days work. Default it to transparent in the meantime. Love you guys at Vimeo!

Nic Askew

Nic Askew

Hey Soxiam, have noticed that over the last year you have posted a few comments here about Vimeo looking into 'customizable' passcode screens, and wondered if vimeo have decided to offer this, or if there is a decision to not.

Perhaps the actual video still could be used as the background.

+ might it be available on the pro account already? Unsure how to check but imagine by Avanti's comment above that it isn't (although that was 5 months ago).

thanks Plus

i am a pro account holder I didnt find any option to do so....a plain background or an option to use still image as background would be great. Thanks



Any news on this? I consider opening up a pro account for the company I work for but this is a real "show stopper", I really don't feel like sharing this background with our customers! Transparent, black or even the first screen of the video would be great.


Soxiam Staff

Not yet but it's on our to list of items we want to improve in a pretty large player update project slated for later this year.

Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon PRO

I'd like to add my voice to this one. My website is called streetfightsecrets - a little cartoon drawing of a cottage by a stream is not going to cut it. Its a truly dreadful, dreadful element of an otherwise excellent tool - why is it there? How hard can it really be to remove it?

"we want to improve in a pretty large player update project slated for later this year." Ok this sounds like a variation of "its something we will look into" i.e. not going to happen any time soon

I absolutely MUST have my videos password protected and I can NOT accept your cutesy background or the robotic reply youve been giving for the last year "we will look into it".

If a proper CONCRETE response is not given within the next month I will move to flowplayer.

People reading this, please post and demand this change - its a totally unacceptable and unneccessary element that could be removed.

Thanks for your time Soxiam.


Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon PRO

and now we have uploading issues - flowplayer is looking pretty good right now


Genedata PRO

Any news on this one? This is really a "show stopper", please let us know what the plans are!

Movie Trailer House

Movie Trailer House Plus

Really think this feature would be great. Any news on when it might be coming out. It's been a year for this request. Does anyone know a place that might offer a better password screen?


Soxiam Staff

We're working on a large player rewrite project right now. As a part of that we're looking into giving Plus and PRO members the ability to use a black screen on password protected videos. We can't comment on the release date yet because we have more work and testing to be done but I can tell you it's an active project that's nearing its first phase of testing.


KopterCam Plus

ok, so I'm a little confused at the moment as after doing lengthy searches to customise the private video background, now suddenly some have a black background and some don't.
This looks really awful when there are several private videos together and some have the old background and some are black.
It seems that all my older videos have the new look with no background and my newer videos have the original look? can this be fixed up somehow please?


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi there,

Very sorry but as we roll out the new player some clips will be included and others will not. As long as things keep going smoothly this transition should speed up and these visual inconsistencies will resolve themselves.

Talent Maui

Talent Maui

Glad you guys are making it all black but do you have a time frame as to when the newer videos will be black private screen?

Talent Maui

Talent Maui

I hate inconsistencies and it is driving me crazy for presentations

Marielle Quesney

Marielle Quesney Plus

Hi, same as above - cutesy is kinda pukey...
Any chance there will be a transparent version? Like you can see the thumbnail image but with psswd protection? People might skip over a black screen if they don't have a visual to draw them in...



Hey, Vimeo team.
Thank you for this awesome feature - totally working for us on our website!

All the best,

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