Is there anyway to block people from reposting videos over and over again. In a group I used to love and watch every day I have given up on because im done dealing with the five a@#holes that keep reposting the same video every 20 mintues to punch up their numbers -- its rediculous.

Katie Armstrong

Katie Armstrong Staff

Hi there,

We apologize for the frustration! Unfortunately, it is not possible to block this kind of behavior in Groups. If you feel that these particular members are acting inappropriately, you are welcome to take advantage of our flagging feature. Excessive spamming is a violation of our Community Guidelines. If you flag one of their videos, the staff can then investigate their accounts and act accordingly.


Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis Plus

Can we add a "Watched" check box? And then limit "My Feed" to only show unwatched?


Tbfxtcxzo Plus

A feature to eliminate reposting of identical videos to the same group almost in a scheduled way is needed in Vimeo. Several groups are blessed with these repostings . An example for a group moderated by Vimeo staff Your Best Video of the Year group, the “winner of the reposting contest” has managed to repost his video more than 40 times between May 5 2013 and July 2 2013 according to my rss reader of this groups feed. Amongst the big popular groups repostings seems to be extremely popular.

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