It would be great if vimeo provides an option that you can choose to show the playbar only after playing the video, and before it keep the play button in the middle or any side of video.

That would be ideal for designers and videomakers that like to keep the visual aesthetics of their work and still provide the functionality of vimeo playbar.

Any thoughts?

Rogerio Gasi

Rogerio Gasi

I'm not sure if there's a way to customize the player via embed tags to not display the timeline until there is an event or if we can change the position of the play button.

If anyone have more info on this it would be greatly appreciated.

NLC Production

NLC Production PRO

Has anyone figured this out yet? We don't want all that UI down there until they've started playing the video!



I don't think there's enough people interested on this, or maybe there's another discussion about it.


LumiereStudios Plus

We would love this feature to be implemented. Usability wise It would seem best to have a clear and simple call to action (just the play button, centralised), followed by additional functionality once activated.

Declan Zimmermann

Declan Zimmermann Plus

I also would love to see this change. Specifically, the minimal frame with the play button in center looks much nicer embedded in my website, but once the video is playing I would like the viewer to be able to use the playbar during playback (which would appear upon mouse movement, like the Quicktime playbar.)


Magic Plus

My first day as a Vimeo Plus customer...and I'm trying to achieve the change mentioned above. It would be a classy addition to the Vimeo interface.

Fractal Circus

Fractal Circus

Yes, or even just lose the time code even at least.


Backroads PRO

I gotta say... I really have never liked a big fat "play" button in the middle of the screen. Very often covers up what might be a very nice poster frame. So my vote would be to have a minimalist look with they play button only... but not smack dab in the middle of the screen. How about where it already is, (bottom left), but maybe a little more "designed" so it's more obvious theres a video to play.

I don't think at this point there is a chance I could change the worlds thinking on what has already become the norm (Play button at the center), but for what it's worth, If anyone has ever been annoyed with the way that looks.. I'm with ya!

Spring Films

Spring Films Plus

Any updates in Jorge's question so far? I would be glad to have that option as well.

Antoine Panier

Antoine Panier Plus

I entirely agree with Jorge's request. A simple thumbnail with a play button and the playbar showing up only when the video is playing would be a great addition to the Vimeo player.



Also wanted the Play button to appear in the middle of the video frame in order to have call to action and to make it clear that there is actually a video to watch.

Turned in the embed options "Show video description below video" on and pasted the embed code where needed.

Then simply deleted the description tag your video description from already embedded and previously saved code on my blog, saved changes again and the play button magically appeared in the center of the video frame as needed.

Strange manipulations + the code itself remains the same, but it worked. At least for me.

Gil Seltzer

Gil Seltzer Plus

+1 - I was totally under the impression that my Plus upgrade would allow this. Which is why I just plunked down the $60. But was very disappointed to find out it didn't :(

Blink Tower

Blink Tower PRO

Me too! Very disappointed that I have to have to have all or nothing - the playbar just gets in the way before the video starts.

Colorado Community Church

Colorado Community Church PRO

Any reply at all from Vimeo staff?

Yes, I would love to see just the play button at the bottom left corner and the fullscreen button bottom right. Once video starts playing, playbar shows up.

Hello, Vimeo staff?????


Soxiam Staff

We've replied to the same topic in few other threads in the past. It's something we are considering as we begin to work on a larger player update release due for release next year.

Colorado Community Church

Colorado Community Church PRO

Thanks, Soxiam. Perhaps closing this thread and adding links to other threads with your replies to this topic would be helpful. I searched for this topic, this thread was the first that appeared, and it seemed that there were over a year of comments without any staff replies.

Again, though, thanks for the reply, sincerely appreciated.

Daily tous les jours

Daily tous les jours Plus

Yes, we'd love this feature too. That sort of customization was the reason we signed up for the PLUS account.



+1 for this request, and for more granular control of the play button in general. Today, I have to choose between:

a) Showing a play button in the center of the video, but the only way to get this is to disable the controls, which confuses our users.


b) Showing the playbar before it starts playing, instead of a centered button. This causes most users to not recognize it as a video...they think it's a picture.


Soxiam Staff

We're considering this feature. Please see my comment above.


GrapeCity PRO

I believe this a crucial feature. Please implement as soon as possible.

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