Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

We don't have plans to add video intros to the embedded player, however PRO members can use third party players to achieve this function. PRO

Hi there,

we've got a PRO account and we're just about to start uploading our videos.

As we're using it for commercial purposes - fully according to your guidelines - we'd like to make the most out of your services. So here are some questions about them:

- is there a way to add the option of a vide- intros just like you can add up to 3 video-outros to any of your videos (see under "embedding settings")?

- is there a way to change the outro-videos both for each video as well as for all your videos at once? (This of course would be really useful also for intro-videos, if they existed)

If you are not able to provide these features right now, I'd suggest to implement them. I'm pretty sure it'll be only little coding (most of it it's already there) but I'm sure it'd be very useful to the overall PRO community.

Let's say you want to add a "Marry Xmas video" to all your videos during Xmas time: you could just select which video you'd like to add as intro for all your videos and that's it, just a few click without going through your entire library. And that of course should work for video-outros too.

Let's say you've a sponsor and, after a few months, you change it and have a new one: you really don't want to reupload all your videos because of the first 10 seconds only! So it here comes very useful again: you act globally on all your videos at once.

And these are only a bunch of examples, many others can follow. Bottom point is that you want the Vimeo service to be as close to it's PRO community as possible.

So here are in brief our suggestions:
- add video intros (if they don't exist already, in this case let me know) like you did with video outros;
- add both individual and global actions on videos to set them with video.intros and video-outros.

Just one more thing: is there a way to add personal ads to your videos? We have a PRO account, so we surely don't want Vimeo putting its ads on our videos (and Vimeo doesn't) but we'd appreciate a feature where we can put ads from our clients, only on our video of course. An image or some text laying above all (or some selected) videos would be fine.

Ok, that's all. Please let me know if any of these things is already available or if it's ever going to be.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


Soxiam Staff

You can customize outro on your embedded player. Go to the video settings page to play with various options we provide.

How do you see "intro" working? Don't you think it will be confusing experience for most people for a player to load a video and then ask viewers to choose something else?

You can put an image inside the embed player as part of the outro, so that could work for adding an ad at the end. As for built in support for ad or pre-roll, etc. that's something we will consider for future iteration.



Is it possible to customize outro on a portfolio?
Many thanks PRO

Hi Soxiam, thanks for your reply.

I'm fully aware of the chance to customize outro on the embedded player, in fact that's what I wrote on my previous email.

What you can't do right now, and I think would be really useful, is a way to customize outro all at once, without setting every single video you have. Don't get me wrong, the user should still be able to customize each video independently, but Vimeo should also provide a new tool to do it all at once (on, say, my 1.000 videos' library).

Coding this tool should be easy, it's only about introducing hierarchy on this setting (global vs. individual).

For what concerns "intros", I actually don't really mind if Vimeo think they'd be confusing. PRO accounts have paid to use Vimeo for commercial purposes and how they'd like to present the videos is up to them (of course as long as they follow VimeoPRO Guidelines).

I'd be very happy to switch on a video-intro on all my videos (again, with just one click for them all). I could highlight some new features or services my company is now offering, I could wish Merry Xmas to everyone over the end of the year, I could promote special offers and so on.

It'd be just matter of producing this short video on my side, upload it and then choose that video to be the intro for all my videos.

About the ads: you're right, outro can work to promote ads at the end of my videos (and, in fact, it's the only possibility I have, right now), but I was thinking of something different to be added to outro, say a small image with the ads (again it'd be useful to have a global action on all video) that will show up during every video's playback: when my visitors watch the videos, they'll see this little image, which they should be able to close just as usual.

Again, this would be something really useful to the PRO users.

Hope to have made things clearer.


Soxiam Staff

We still don't think this is a good experience. We offer a widget that provides a similar functionality as what's being described as an "intro" here.

Artventure - Kids Art Classes

Artventure - Kids Art Classes PRO

I second FDDB's request for a standard intro (preroll) video - we are putting together about 200 videos, all with the same intro, but this into may change. When it does, we'd rather not have to rerender 200 videos (ughh!) - instead, imagine how much simpler it would be to simply plugin a new preroll (just one new video).

Bauforum24 TV

Bauforum24 TV PRO

That´s exactly what we are looking for.
Something new?
The link to the widget is not working any more....

Andrea Zanardelli

Andrea Zanardelli PRO

I absolutely need this feature! I have an intro to add to my 500 videos and intro will change every month! Vmeo, we need this feature!!! Thank you!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

As Sox mentioned, we believe this would be a confusing experience to the viewer.

Also, Vimeo will not be allowing pre or post roll ads in our player, as this system could be used this way without our knowledge which is not something we'd be interested in.

Andrea Zanardelli

Andrea Zanardelli PRO

I don't agree. I'm a PRO user, I manage a video channel and I sell ads for living. For sure I can't edit and re-upload hundreds of new videos every month just because of a differente sponsor. I think Vimeo should help PRO users like me. Hope they will listen to my request.

Maybe, this feature should be available only for embed videos on other site and not in the original Vimeo page but, for sure, it is necessary to offer us a kind of solution.

Thank you very much.


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your feedback. I understand your use-case, and as a PRO member maybe it warrants a different experience, but as a whole Vimeo has always taken a stance against ads in our player. We've maintained this position since our inception and it would be difficult to imagine us building a system like this in the near future.

As a PRO member you are welcome to put ads in your videos, but they must be part of the actual video file.

Andrea Zanardelli

Andrea Zanardelli PRO

Dear Matt, thank you. Intros and outros are not usefull for advertising purpose only, but imagine a simple company brand update. I'm updating my company logo and I'll need to update all my intros. This is a huge job. No time&money for this. By the way, I absolutely understand Vimeo philosophy. For this reason, It would be interested to allow automatic intros/outros for enbedded videos only (not on but on other domains). Kind regards. We are PRO user and we choose Vimeo PRO to run our business in the best way possible. Please, take care of this. Kind regards and thank you for your great service.


Archon Development

Archon Development PRO

I understand vimeos stance on NO ads and that's fine, but I'm sure they can figure out a way to strip off the intros based on certain options IE: only available on embeds, purchased, private, or password protected videos. I'm more that certain there is a way for vimeo to find a solution that would work for all cases. Come on guys you can do it!

I also agree with Andrea that a change in branding is a huge undertaking. We have a lot of training videos to get done in the upcoming months and to have this would be great, otherwise we are forced to render /embed our intro into training clips. Which is not ideal especially for the branding reason alone or even for the sake of consistency if we wanted to update the intros. I too am a PRO user and would like to see this feature.


Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

HI Craig,

I responded to you in that other thread, but just as an additional note:

You could use a third party player as a Vimeo PRO member that can allow you to control pre/post roll videos. We can't support this, but the developer of that player may be able to help you figure it out.

GVCF Shepparton

GVCF Shepparton PRO

Please give us the option of having intros to our videos we would prefer not to go to youtube!
Please tell me you are considering it now after such a long time this thread started?

Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Hi there, we are not planning to add an intro option for videos however as a PRO member you can use a third party player to accomplish this! Plus

Intro would be so much more useful than this widget which has disappeared. Why not at least let your customers have the chance to do this and let us decide if we think it's good or bad for our own companies? Vimeo not listening to customers doen't make any sense.

Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Hi there! We don't have plans to add video intros to the embedded player, however PRO members can use third party players to achieve this function.



Hi! I'm searching also to integrate easily an intro on my videos: as we're changing our video brand intro quite often, I don't want to change and reupload each time 100s of videos... An intro feature will be great keeping the current functionalites of Vimeo (thumbnail,hidden features, etc.) And I'm not sure a third party player can respect these functionalites.. What are the third party players do you think about?

New Hope Revival Ministries

New Hope Revival Ministries PRO

Yes, I really need intro functionality, for the same reason, I don't want to have to remake the videos and upload hundreds of videos every time there is change in the logo ect.

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