Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your feedback!

We’re not currently planning any updates to review pages, but we are capturing these requests for our product team. In the meantime, if you’d like a more customizable way to share your videos, we recommend using a Portfolio:



Just wanted to know how to change the look (colors, fonts, design) of the Video Review pages. Dont see it anywhere

Ian Durkin

Ian Durkin Staff

Hi, unfortunately, you cannot change the look of a Video Review Page.


IMAGIQUE PRO Hopefully that will be an update. :)

Jason LaMotte

Jason LaMotte PRO

I'd like to add the same request, please. We're meant to send clients to the Review Page, so it's critical we be able to customize the look of it!


Neon PRO

Same request here.

On a broader theme, is there any reason that the Portfolio and Review functionality is separate? What would make sense to me is to have the user select which videos are reviewable (or downloadable for that matter) in the Portfolio options.

Lastly, I've asked for it elsewhere, but timecode-based commenting would be a huge plus.

Thank you ...


Soxiam Staff

Portfolio is intended as a public-facing place to showcase your videos, while video review pages are intended as a easy to use tool to share videos with your clients privately.


Neon PRO

Thank you for the response. Is there (or will there) be a way to review multiple videos on the same page? And will there be an option to add any security into the review link? It seems to be there for the Portfolio page, but not for the Review page – or am I missing something?


Soxiam Staff

The video review pages are not indexed. It's only by sharing the link with people they have access to it.

We do not yet have a page where you can share multiple videos on the same page (other than using portfolios) but we will keep your suggestion in mind as we improve PRO.

Complete Bodyfat Control

Complete Bodyfat Control PRO

Has this been resolved?
Customizing the video review page, even at basic level (change logo for example) would be most useful.



Waliki PRO

I'm adding the same request to this feature.

We can customize a portfolio, so why not the video review page?


Soxiam Staff

It's because review page is not meant as a public showcase of collection of your work. Rather it was designed as a quick content-review destination between co-workers, clients, etc. Thanks for the suggestion though. We will consider it for future iteration of the page.


Waliki PRO

So what is the correct way to "public showcase" a single video?

Mitch Harris

Mitch Harris

It would seem this is very common request for people who seek an alternate to an embed code.

I'm mightily surprised and dissatisfied that Vimeo is not offering customisation functionality for direct video link to a review page. I paid for Vimeo Plus because you advertise strongly about how good Vimeo's customisation options were.

Please implement this feature.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Mitch,

As a Plus member you don't have access to Review Pages. If you switch to Vimeo PRO you'll gain this feature.

If you have any feedback on it once you try it out please let us know!

Pennylane Productions

Pennylane Productions PRO

I was excited about the review page until i upgraded. Its worthless because the color looks like crap with my brand logo and grey is the worst color to have as default. Its unprofessional to send this review page to my clients without being able to change the basics like color. Anything you send to a client is a direct reflection of your company and branding is everything, I'm surprised vimeo hasn't given that basic option on this page.

MUSE International

MUSE International

I would also like to be able to change the color on the review page. I plan to use these page for a while to publicly host my videos instead of embedding them, and it would be very helpful to have some options.

Wood Designer

Wood Designer PRO

I agree. Please allow customisation of the review page, even something simple like editing the colours and a logo at the top would make a huge difference.

Tarras Productions

Tarras Productions PRO

Have to agree with the group. Not having BASIC customization options for video review pages is completely unacceptable. Overall we've been extremely happy with Vimeo - but please Vimeo re-consider!!!

eMotion Pictures Wedding Films

eMotion Pictures Wedding Films PRO

Looks like at least 2 years of customers complaining about the review pages. Can it be that hard to make them customizable? Please add this feature, they truly look terrible.

Carolina HD Video

Carolina HD Video PRO

I have to agree with the same comments made over the past couple of years. I also have found it frustrating to be locked into a single look. Considering the other rather cool (and user friendly) design options made available by Vimeo, it seems adding some very basic customization features would be very easy to do and nothing less than a reasonable request - especially from your paying customers. I love the service you guys provide and brag about Vimeo whenever I can, but I'm sure there has to be someone there with a few hours to spare to make a couple of basic customization options happen. Just being able to insert a background images(s) and provide the player with the same options that are possible when embedding would be great steps in the right direction. It would definitely make this happy Vimeo fan even happier.

Humdrum Films

Humdrum Films PRO

Yes, please let us customise the review pages - it would be great to have the same functionality as the Portfolio pages - I'd love to be able to send clients to a 'private' portfolio page, without the need for a password!



I can only agree. Not being able to customize the review pages takes the "PRO" out of vimeo ...

Kolin Pope

Kolin Pope PRO

I just upgraded to Pro and am a bit surprised by the lack of any options for the review page – especially considering the absolutely massive size of the user profile picture 15 pixels away from the video frame. It's huge compared to its relative size on a normal Vimeo video, to the point where it throws off the weight/composition of what you're watching unless it's fullscreen.

First impressions are incredibly important, and even though this is just used for quick reviews I want my clients to focusing on the video itself and not my user photo. Please add an option to disable it.

Callaway Gable

Callaway Gable PRO

Please advise on PRO upgrade refund. I upgraded my account just so I can use this feature. But if I cannot customize it - no bueno.


Becan PRO

Agreed, I would very much like to customise the review page - the colour at least!

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Customizing the review page is definitely on our radar, but unfortunately I have no updates or ETA for when that may happen.

XTM International

XTM International PRO

This feature is taking ages... people have been asking for this for two years now. Come on Vimeo, you're better than that :)

Lance Watts

Lance Watts PRO

Please allow us to customize the video review page. Thanks.

Footage Films

Footage Films PRO

Hello, I would like to be able to have clients offer time-code specific feedback on our videos. Is that possible, or is that a feature you will be offering soon? Thank you!

Bond Street Film

Bond Street Film PRO

First of all, many thanks to the Vimeo team for offering such professional services.

Suggestions on updates for the Video Review Pages:
1. Basic customization of colors and logos (including ability to save presets).
2. Multiple videos on a single Video Review Page (useful when the clients are to review different versions of a video).
3. TimeCode-based comments.
4. Custom URL function (not critical, but it would enhance the service).

If these changes were implemented it would definitely increase our use of Vimeo.

Thanks again!

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy PRO

Add my voice to the chorus -- Please make the review page customizable! Having it is the main reason I decided to pay for PRO, and I'm disappointed in the way the layout looks, for the same reasons many have cited above.



Same complaint here, pls allow to change the colour or add a picture.

Lightwater Video Productions

Lightwater Video Productions Plus

I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I upgraded to PRO when I read about the Review pages, but they look terrible. I think I will switch back to PLUS.


Gaardhouse PRO

Are there plans for the Review Page to be customizable any time soon? I understand that the Portfolios are for customization for specific clients and specific needs, but it would be nice to have a generic customized review page that aligns with my companies branding for previews that are one off.

Joe Ski

Joe Ski PRO

Wow, I just upgraded from Plus to Pro for the video review pages and am shocked that you cannot customize the page AT ALL....

Even if we cannot customize, at least make the default page super minimal... I'm really disappointed, hope there's a plan to address this soon.

SeaLight Entertainment

SeaLight Entertainment Plus

Definitely have to add to this. The features of PRO are still great, but PLEASE let us change the way it looks...

AHA Produktion

AHA Produktion PRO

How come, after three years of requests on this page alone, nothing's been done in terms of allowing a few changes to be done on the review page? I mean, simple stuff like adding background and text colour settings must be pretty easy to implement. Vimeo's a great place to host and share your work but the lack of flexibility when it comes to customizing your review page is disappointing.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Review page customization should be coming in the near future. Sorry I cannot provide further details, but we're fully aware that this is a pain point with our product.


urbanforces PRO

100 people have probably already asked this, but please, please, please can the default for the pointless review pages be off? it seems odd that it's automatically on when you write this right next to the settings - "We know privacy matters to you, which is why we give you full control over who can see your video, where it appears, and who gets to talk about it." If privacy were that important to you, the default would be off. Having to go through every video turning it off is tedious.



I really hope that review page cusomization is on your plans to launch this 2015.
3 years is more then enough to listen to your customers and take action about all the rquests on the same topic.

Power to Change

Power to Change PRO

I concur, video review pages color is gross. Keeping clients happy is a key to retention, and there are many platforms for business review and collaboration popping up. I'm rooting for you, Vimeo, and addressing these concerns would go a long way to keeping a lot of people happy!

hodges usry

hodges usry PRO

Please add customization to review pages. Much needed to stay current

Asianomics Group Ltd

Asianomics Group Ltd PRO

Agreed, we'd like to pass on this message as well to customise the review page. Basic customization of colors and logos (including ability to save presets) and Multiple videos on a single Video Review Page (useful when the clients are to review different versions of a video) with Custom URL function as Bond Street Film mentioned above would be nice. Many thanks.

Trivinity Multimedia

Trivinity Multimedia PRO

I'll add my vote to be able to customize the review pages as well. Lot of good suggestions on this thread.


mtset Plus

I, too, would like to add my vote to customize the review page. I was considering going to PRO but upon seeing this, I am hesitant.

The Keep

The Keep PRO

I agree with most in this group. It would be great if the review page could be customised even slightly. The current colours don't do us much justice. I am surprised that this was first requested in this group 3 years ago and things remain the same.

Looking forward to seeing some improvements.

Lance Watts

Lance Watts PRO

Customization of the Video Review Page would be appreciated.

Wave Communications Limited

Wave Communications Limited PRO

As a vimeo pro user I definately would like to see the review pages made customisable. Recently they have become even less attractive as I cant even upload a logo in the shape I want. The review pages are the thing I use the most with my clients, not portfolios as I like the simple approach and so do my my clients.

So yes I agree, a customisable review page is urgently required fro Pro users. I cant believe all these comments have been ignored, such a shame!

Cassiar MediaWorks

Cassiar MediaWorks PRO

I just spent 15 mins scouring vimeo trying to figure out where the "customize review page" button was. Turns out it doesn't exist! I gotta say, I am surprised. After all this time too!

Laurence Llewellyn

Laurence Llewellyn

Its 2016.If the review page is custmisable I shall upgrade - otherwise not.

Jason Nolan Wedding Films

Jason Nolan Wedding Films PRO

I just upgraded to pro and I am also disappointed, I am looking for an online platform to deliver videos but the review page is terrible. The client can't share from the review page which is pointless and the comments section looks big and ugly.

Just So

Just So PRO

Any update on when we will be able to customise the review page???

MacDonald Studio

MacDonald Studio PRO

This thread started 4 years ago, get a move on Vimeo! I have worked in web development before and it's a relatively simple thing to implement! You have disappointed customers who are paying you a lot of money!
If this doesn't change soon I'll be cancelling my subscription and moving to Mediazilla, who so far have proved themselves to be a dynamic and user friendly service.

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