Ned Thanhouser

Ned Thanhouser PRO

I use my Vimeo account for several activities where videos are organized into either a group or album...I need to be able to get statistics for just a group or album of videos. Right now, you can't do that...can you please statistics reporting to the album and group pages?
Thanks for the consideration.


Soxiam Staff

There are definitely some stuff we would like to do we simply can't right now. Stats, at our scale, is one of the most taxing system we need to manage. That said, yes, we will consider your suggestion when we add on more points to track.

Ned Thanhouser

Ned Thanhouser PRO

Thanks for the prompt about a simple addition of a couple of fields in the statistics download file for each video? The fields would be "Member of Group " and "Member of Album ." This would allow post-processing after download with Excel to sort/extract stats based on membership in one of these categories...thanks!

Markus Etter

Markus Etter Plus

I second that. Album stats would be a great addition to the vimeo service lineup PRO

We are using albums quite intensively with our PRO account and would be great to have album stats. Right now I am using my casio calculator to do so :(


MedMedia PRO

Please add this feature. You already have something like that in place ... when I view an album in list mode I see the number of likes, plays etc. How about just adding an option to select what I want to view? I want to see loads and plays.

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