Jason LaMotte

Jason LaMotte PRO

I'm finding it tricky to come up with a look to my portfolio that I like. A few additional controllable variables would go a long way, I think:

- the ability to adjust the size of the font in Title and Text. Some of the defaults are very big

- the ability to choose to not have that same text ALL CAPS.

- the majority of your templates have a white box around the current video thumbnail. I don't care for this kind of 'frame' and would love to lose it, but because that's not an option, my choice of templates is limited as a result.

Wish I had some CSS skillz, but alas I don't, which is why I went with VimeoPro, to use the portfolio pages to achieve an easier option than a WordPress site or paying a web designer.

Thanks for the great product and service, overall, anyhow - you guys do rock.



Soxiam Staff

Some of what you are requesting such as the font size and the ability to display text in all caps are already available if you edit the CSS. We cannot really make all the nuances of themes to be their individual settings options unfortunately.

Minnesota Video Productions

Minnesota Video Productions PRO

i am editing my css and it does not appear to be taking. im copy the piece straight from the source code, making the changes, pasting it to the custom css input, and not seeing the changes. any suggestions?


Soxiam Staff

Can you please post (in the HELP forum please, not here) the URL of the portfolio?

Michael Arias

Michael Arias PRO

It would be nice, at the very least, to provide more design variations, and include some that video professionals would be proud to display their work on. Even the Vimeo Channel layouts themselves are considerably more attractive and flexible than the skins provided for portfolios. Like the fellow who started this thread, I also subscribed to Vimeo Pro for the ability to do a quick video portfolio lash-up without having to get under the hood.


Soxiam Staff

We consider PRO and portfolio to be a very young product. More themes and customization options are planned for the next iteration of the product.

Michael Arias

Michael Arias PRO

It would also be quite useful to allow copying of Portfolios, Channels, and Albums, to allow for recycling of custom setups.


Brainstorm PRO

this is exaclty what I am missing also, can you confirm that this will appear in the next iteration of vimeopro please?

539090 filmproductions GmbH

539090 filmproductions GmbH PRO

it would be great if one could have different albums in one portfolio. and furthermore if i could choose videos search based. if i have lets say 100 videos it woult take me very long to choose the videos i want to add to a portfolio. so if i could search by tags and/or titles and make a portfolio out of the search result it would really help. even detailed info on the videos not only the thumbnails would make my life easier.


Soxiam Staff

Both albums in portfolio and search function while you're creating a portfolio are candidates for the next iteration of the product.

Awana International

Awana International Plus

Can an OPTIONAL DOWNLOAD button be added to videos in a Portfolio page? I really NEED to have my clients to have the OPTION to download their video from my Portfolio site. Right now, I have to put a link in the description area to the review page, where they might see the download button, VERY lame.

CMR Studios

CMR Studios PRO

I also believe a copy function is a necessity if I am to be using portfolios for client review pages. I don't want to have to create and customize the same page each time.


Soxiam Staff

This has been mentioned before but, yes, portfolio preset is something we want to add in the next iteration.


Theater52 PRO

Has any progress been made on implementing portfolio presets? It would be a huge help.


MeredithACU PRO

To refine the above request- perhaps a simple function that loads whatever settings you used last time would be the first step. (In the short run, it's all I need) Thanks for your hard work.



As Awana Int'l mentioned, can we please have the ability to download videos from a portfolio?! Right now if our global subsidiaries want to download videos, we have to send them links to each video... it would be great to just have a single portfolio where they could download them!

Radiate Films

Radiate Films PRO

I agree! Really need a download option as a part of the portfolio page. My PRO subscription ends next month and we won't be re-subscribing without this feature.

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