sonart PRO

Hi there,

Imagine a webservice agency nead to open some viméo pro accounts for they own custumers.
Do viméo offer a affiliate program ? Can a viméo pro member can have 2,3...vimé accounts in the same acconut ?

Thank's for your help in that way,
Best regards,

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff


Sorry but at this time we don't have a referral program for Vimeo members, but we're thinking about it for the future!

Carleton Torpin

Carleton Torpin Plus

I'd be up for that. I've already referred a few clients to Vimeo Pro and I'd love to see a little incentive coming back my way in return.


Soxiam Staff

As Matt stated above, this is something we are hoping to implement next year.

Procraft Media

Procraft Media

same here... my clients are labels and bands...and I know an affiliate program would work for us.

Adal Bermann

Adal Bermann

+1 on an affiliate / referral program.

Shean Hoxie

Shean Hoxie PRO

+1 on affiliate / referral program.

My twist is I don't need money coming back to me, just a discount for my users


Soxiam Staff

Hello Shean. Yes, that's also one of the reasons why we think an affiliate program might be an interesting option for our PRO users as well. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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