Fabian Mohr

Fabian Mohr Plus

This feature request vimeo.com/forums/topic:43985 is something I'd second as well. Working with responsive designs, it's a little tricky to enforce a video player that never shows a few lines of the iframe background. Since the iframe background is black by default and many websites are white by default, a black line is quite common on top of the videoplayer. Giving us an option to pick a background color of our choice would be a nice workaround.




how's it coming with the delete black option? I'm looking for white at this time

Carles Tomás Martí

Carles Tomás Martí

I second that feature request as well. I've been annoyed by this very same issue a few times.

Blur Films

Blur Films PRO

just ran into this issue myself - had to implement an insatisfactory workaround .
I'm using oembed in django to get the videos in our company website. The videos are of many different sizes and aspect ratios. The website used to be black so i could get away with having one iframe size for all, but we wanted to change it into white and black bars started showing up all over the place. So i had to get rid of the iframe resizing - but then oembed returns different iframe sizes for each video which break the design. Setting options in oembed doesnt help much.

Nicholas Przybyla

Nicholas Przybyla

I think that is a great idea. It would really help my projects pop more if they weren't competing with the white background

Nikolay Kuchumov

Nikolay Kuchumov

remove the white flashing background when embedded videos are loaded on a Black background


Soxiam Staff

As I stated above this is something we are considering as part of a much larger player enhancement project which we are currently working on.

Elizabeth Jamieson

Elizabeth Jamieson

Thanks for the reply to this Soxiam - can't wait. How long? I just bought a PRO account and must say Vimeo is fantastic. You could add a few more outro options too. Like a disappear the video altogether so that we can put our own messging under a video when it has finished playing.

Also I +1 the background colour choice too.


Soxiam Staff

Hello Elizabeth. We don't comment on the ship date of our active projects. Right now we are working on number of enhancements in a larger player update project and we will be looking into this as part of that work.

As for displaying message in the outro of embeds, Plus and PRO users already have that option and it's available via video settings page.

Nick Bouton

Nick Bouton

Is there any progress on this issue? Being able to customize the background color of the embedded iframe would be a huge benefit.


Soxiam Staff

It's still something we are considering at this point. We have a HUGE player update project that will hopefully come out later this year and hopefully it's something we can tackle then.

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney Staff

Nothing new to report. Like Sox said above, this is something that’s being considered as part of a larger project due out later this year.

Lyndon Farrington

Lyndon Farrington PRO

any news @kevin sweeny, yet on your consideration?.. it seems like many of your customers want this option including me... thanks


user15257165 PRO

At this point that would be a huge plus for us being able to change the black background.
Statistically there are way more websites with white and light backgrounds than black backgrounds one.
I understand the reason behind and I know black stands out more but that 1/2 sec black flash is so "unaesthetic" - from a design & composition point of view, "white on black elements" for ex. are a lot more pleasant on the eye than "black on white elements" :)


Infradata Plus

We are almost two years further and still nothing new on the background changing issue’s. I'm starting to think and feel that Vimeo sucks. What a disappointment. In my opinion this must be a simple adjustment. And a lot of your clients with a plus account would like this feature very very much.

Creation Today

Creation Today PRO

+1 Would also like to see a white background option to blend with my white site.

CJ NguyenLe

CJ NguyenLe

wow, I can't believe there is no white background option? Are you kidding?? How difficult can that be? Is there other similar site beside Vimeo like YouTube? It's a deal breaker for me for not able to change the video background to blend in well with my site.

Mike Paxman

Mike Paxman Plus

I also need a white background for embed videos, it's plainly ridiculous to only have an automatic black BG.

Bachrun LoMele

Bachrun LoMele

hear hear for a white background option. thanks.


Ben Plus

After 2 years is it really that hard to change the background color from black to white?



Anyone have a workaround for this?

Texas School Safety Center

Texas School Safety Center Plus

Any update on this request? It would greatly help us implement our responsive design while continuing to use Vimeo instead of YouTube... Please let us know where you are at on this small but highly requested feature...

+1 more for this feature!

Christopher Alesevich

Christopher Alesevich

Hi there, this is a big annoyance and an important feature for me to have. Please update asap! Many thanks.


Grafiekgroep Plus

not much support here...
I've had the same problem
I changed the width of the iframe I included in my html from 970 to 968px.
This got rid of the two black lines on the side of the videoplayer.
When I press play though, a black line reappears at the top of teh videoplayer.
But hey, that's better than nothing at all...

Adam Dedman

Adam Dedman

Would like to see this feature also. The black lines are frustrating when you like everything to be pixel perfect.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson Plus

+1. The lack of this feature make vimeo unsuitable for my needs. It's not even that hard to implement with respect to the iframe- its just setting background color on a couple of elements... However, we cannot style the elements of the iframe ourselves because of same origin policy. Please implemente this feature.

takomat Agentur GbR

takomat Agentur GbR PRO

Hi VIMEO-TEAM, will use VIMEO in more and more responsive projects.

For that kind of embedding, we would highly appreciate an option for setting a custom bgcolor of the iFrame - so please, put it on the next release ;-)

So: +100!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey guys,

Vimeo doesn't allow for the bumping of threads with "+1". Please add your thoughts as to why you'd like to see this feature implemented.



Hey guys,
please please please add this feature. Especially with responsive websites, it is a real shame that the vimeo iframe adds an ugly black box on certain screen sizes! I would much more prefer it to fit aesthetically to my background, and just blend in smoothly if it's white, or gray, or WhiteSmoke!

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Sounds like you may need to contact the developer of that slider, or manually change the code to not scale the player beyond the size of the actual video file.


Stepic PRO

Bump. It'll greatly improve how it looks when embedded to our site.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Similar to my comment above, wouldn't you rather change the player size to match the video file? This should only occur if you're scaling the player in a way that doesn't match the video.


ZiuZ Plus

I guess it would be a real extra stress for the vimeo servers if every videofile is accompanied with it's own css file. But what if (at least for now) you could choose out of two bgcolor presets: black or white. That would help. and it wouldn't stress the servers too much extra, would it?


IceWraps PRO

Yes, even 2 options (black or white) would make all the difference in the world. It is the difference between using Vimeo and not using Vimeo


FoH Plus

why is it so painful to get vimeo to do anything? this thread is old. i would also like to be able to remove all lines from above and below the video.

mark ellison

mark ellison Plus

I agrre. I just upgraded to plus because I thought it had this feature. Please Vimeo, give us this option.



Hey Vimeo,

What is going on? Are you working on the background color issue? How much longer will it take? Or are you not interested in solving this problem? As I can see a lot of people are asking for it for a very long time! I would really appreciate it if you could find a solution soon.




Yes, this is absolutely necessary. Should be easy to set the BG color to a Hex variable just like the player button colors.


Motionworks PRO

Having black lines appear around embedded videos looks like a mistake and must be addressed. This thread is over 2 years old! Please address it.

EMC Outdoor

EMC Outdoor PRO

Wouldn't no background color make even more sense? (and be easier to implement?) Seems like that would solve the issue regardless of site colors. Love you VIMEO, but seems like a lot of folks have been asking this for a long time. . .


Payworks PRO

I've been patiently waiting for this feature for ages and I'm sure the Vimeo staff is tired of hearing about it but really, guys, it can't be that difficult considering all the other features and customizations your player allows.

Seriously, having black bars across the top and bottom of the video simply isn't acceptable and I find myself trying desperately to endorse your product to my superiors who are all fixated on ugly black bars visible while they're watching a corporate video. They're tired of hearing "all Vimeo tells me is that it can't be done". I'm at a point where I have no choice but to find another solution.

C'mon Vimeo, I have to make a decision. Are you going to provide a solution or not?

Rene Grothmann

Rene Grothmann

This is what I call a two hour fix. What a shame.

Matthew Stapleford

Matthew Stapleford PRO

Terrible response from Vimeo to their customers. I cannot believe that after searching myself and then reading all the above comments that such a basic function cannot be provided.


mediominuto PRO

Companies that don't listen to their customers usually disappear. Will you listen to us?


Moved Plus

I'm having the same issue, thin black lines on either side of the video when the browser is rescaled (responsive layout). I've looked into fixes / workarounds but everyone seems to be pointing the finger at Vimeo!

The option to set the background colour would be great - any further news / developments?

Thanks in advance and love you lots x

Daniel Kurt Kirstein

Daniel Kurt Kirstein

Why dont they do something? I just paid all this money for a PRO memebership and these black bars make me think I did a big mistake!


gradwerk PRO

+1 We need this option as well. When will it be available?

Jeff Lombardo

Jeff Lombardo

First off, Vimeo, this is annoying.

Second, here's a "fix", not ideal but works okay if you are able to edit the html/css of the page with the iframe:

Put the iframe in a wrapper {position: relative; overflow: hidden} that has a width 2px less than the iframe itself.
Style the iframe to have {position: absolute; left: -1px;}

That should remove the black 1px borders on the right and left of the video.

To remove the black 1px border on the top set the iframe to: {top: -1px;}

Again, not ideal as you do lose a couple pixels of video content. If anyone has a better solution (vimeo?) feel free.



Yeah, umm +1 here too. and PLEASE make 'transparent' an option, so that we can place these over our own background colors/designs.

I am using fitvids.js with vimeo movies and really need transparent background for HTML, BODY as well as the '.player .video-wrapper' div.

Pretty please?

Joe Blau

Joe Blau

I would also like to add my request for customizable background colors. I was able to change the color though the inspector by modifying .player .video-wrapper so it shouldn't be that hard to add as a plus/pro feature. I'm looking for a white background to match my blog and I would upgrade to plus for this feature.



İt seems that there is no solution for this 'problem' yet.
i embedded also vimeo links to the homepage of our company. it is a fully responsible homepage so if i squeeze the site, those black bars starting to appear. looks weird on a bright grey background. even if its impossible to turn it transparent i also would appreciate the function to choose a colorcode for the background.
even if i am not a plus or pro member, my boss is. :)
thanks for your efforts.

Rob Burnett

Rob Burnett Plus

This is a very very very poor show from Vimeo. The actual implementation of this is sooooooo simple yet has taken over 2 years and a lack of response from the Vimeo team on this issue now is shocking!!

Just allow a simple feature in the account to edit the css style or do via script.

Guys...its really not that hard....very very very poor!

Think its time to close up Vimeo.


MeEO Profile

MeEO Profile PRO

Seriously? This thread is over two years old now, and still no answer? It doesn't even have to be an editable option - if you just got rid of the background declaration on the #player and .player .video-wrapper elements in the embed, EVERYBODY WOULD BE HAPPY.

In a world of responsive design, it is inexplicable that you expect everyone to either deal with heinous black edges every time a video player isn't exactly the right dimensions for the video or specify different player dimensions for every possible page size! Come on Vimeo, we're paying for this service, the least you can do is not force us into awkward workarounds just to make the video look decent on our sites.



I cant believe the reaction time of Vimeo... for 2 years people are requesting a simple iFrame background colour change feature and Vimeo still can't do it? :( This is beyond disappointing! Its unbelievable ignorance really.

Craig Winslow

Craig Winslow Plus

Just came across this issue as well, trying to embed full width video presents a very large problem when trying to simple replace the video-wrapper background from #000 to a hex color... looks so simple to change too!

I imagine more and more people will be requesting this as full-width sites become more and more prevalent... Consider this my request for this feature as well! (Thanks Vimeo!)

La Jolla Group

La Jolla Group PRO

+1 -- This would be great for our particular usage scenario in our PRO account.

Colour NL

Colour NL PRO

We recently signed up for a PRO account and would also like to have the option of either a custom background color for the player, or no background at all. I've tried overriding the player CSS with no effect. Has anyone found a workaround for this? We definitely need it for Responsive designs!



White background would help (responsive layout). Come on guys, it's been more than 2 years!



I can not believe we are still bumping this issue for 3 years now....@Vimeo, are you guys listening? Are there other issues that are old (and this easy to fix) in your development quiver?




tinygrads PRO

I COMPLETELY agree! Vimeo has been ignoring this request, hiding behind their promise that they are "considering' it, but it's been over 4 years now, and no movement on this at all. But MANY of their customers are asking for it. Either they "can't" do it, or they just can't be "bothered" with it. I would hope neither would be the case as they are supposed to be the top-end video host service.


Ronny Rook

Ronny Rook

Well I've started reading this topic in the hope I'll would find a solution. But to my surprise after 3 years of bumping still no solution for this? This is something everyone wants, and vimeo, you can't blame this on the developer. Video got aspect ratio's, right? Fix it please asap.



Background color option please.


Seven2 PRO

Yes please!

It seems like there's more than enough demand for this and the fix doesn't seem too technically difficult. A field to choose a hex value or transparent on the "Embed Settings for..." page (and/or pass the value through the query string of the iFrame src url) would be perfect. From where I stand it looks like all you would have to do is apply that value to the "background-color" of the following divs in the embedded html:


I do wonder, because of how simple and obvious the change seems, if there's deeper a concern deterring the Vimeo devs from implementing this one...


ZiuZ Plus

Rules to stay in business:
Respond to questions of clients
Listen to your customers
Explain what you're doing (or not doing)
Respect your clients

Link: forensic.ziuz.com/en



background color option please! it's pretty obvious people are looking for this for years already.
why are you so stubborn? what do you have to lose?


Shift Plus

trying to size things right so the borders didn't show literally wasted 2 hours of my life.

after 2 years you'd think that subscription fees would pay for this kind of feature?

ExTech s.r.o.

ExTech s.r.o. PRO

Hi. This feature is very important for us as well. Please add it.

ARTMargins Online

ARTMargins Online Plus

Seriously? Three years? Dozens and dozens of requests? Nada? Come on Vimeo. Get with it. (please).

Ben Barry

Ben Barry Plus

Annoying that this hasn't been fixed yet. Seriously.



Any news of this? Should be one of the most basic options along with width & height...

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

It still isn't possible to change the iframe background color, but if your embed width/height is slightly off from the actual aspect ratio of your video, we'll scale the video so that no black bars will appear.

In other words, black bars will only appear if your iframe width/height is significantly off from your video's aspect ratio, in which case we suggest changing your iframe dimensions so they match your video.


Grade PRO

@Tommy Is it really impossible to change? We need a better user experience (different colors) for responsive designs.

Jeremy Mayhew

Jeremy Mayhew Plus

I'm onboard. This has been driving me crazy. Come on Vimeo. Where you at?

Jeremy Mayhew

Jeremy Mayhew Plus

And seriously... over three years of requests without some kind of update yet? Not very cool.

Creative Juice Inc

Creative Juice Inc PRO

Please add the functionality to change background color for videos that are off from the aspect ratio.
It shouldn’t be that hard to change the code that will allow us to do that. Right?


tinygrads PRO

You guys have been "considering" allowing us to change the background color for over 4 years now. How many more of your customers need to request this until something happens? Thanks for your "consideration" but we would really appreciate something being done.

I love your service otherwise. I'm a pro member, but really need this function. My white website looks terrible with the stark black background when the video is loading. Thank you.



I'm also having the same problem on a responsive design site with a white background. lol... 3 years of requests. Might as well give up on the devs for fixing this...


E-Schooling Plus

We would also appreciate this feature. Seems like it should be an easy fix for Vimeo.

amanda wrench

amanda wrench PRO

Definitely need this option. Come on Vimeo, 4 years is too long to wait for such a simple fix.

stephen  Greeff

stephen Greeff PRO

+1 - the ability to change background colors is such a simple change - please do it!


rooney Plus


I'd be sad to leave Vimeo because of this. We love the service.

Luc van Loon

Luc van Loon

Unbelievable this is still not fixed, responsive design requires this option.


Medu PRO

lol, we have been asking vimeo to give option speed up video for over 3 years now, this will not get fix...

Deinhardt Gmbh

Deinhardt Gmbh Plus

I just wanted to add my voice to this and i couldn't believe how long it took me to scroll down. Seriously Vimeo, that's your idea of listening to the people who support you, your work and your platform?


Nicolai Plus

Yes please. really need to change background colour from black to white on a white page.

Mark Pearce

Mark Pearce Plus

I'll add my name to list of customers being ignored.... please let us set the iframe colour on embeds.

Marcio Valenzuela

Marcio Valenzuela

Does youtube allow it? Ill just link my video to youtube then...vimeo is obviously not paying attention to us :-)

Danproperty SA

Danproperty SA PRO

It's a shame we still haven't received ANY answer from Vimeo! +1 for iframe background color (at least white)!

Dr Fox

Dr Fox Plus

I agree - black looks terrible on our site - at least default to white until you add option to set custom bgcolor



Hi all - I`m really tired of this - it is a shame and a good example of really non custumer-based service - I`m a communcation and marketing trainer and even use this example in my trainings and that for two years now... anyway....

But there is a solution or better said a workaround you can see here:

so at least one is able to stop the black flickering while loading the page, wich totaly ruin the design. Maybe this solution even speeds up page load, I don`t know. Today I postet a request on
stackoverflow.com - stackoverflow.com/questions/29406815/vimeo-pro-white-light-background-solution - so everybody is invited to help to develope this solution!!

I also asked the company if they can offer me the e-mail of the developer so I can contact her/him for further information and help on that.

As I said that solution would serve lots of people who have small business sites or like me a non profit video blog!

So stay tuned and to keepyour fingers crossed for that endevour!

Daniel Wette

Daniel Wette PRO

Vimeo usually gives a fuck about (paying) customer wishes. i saw this 1000 times.

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Daniel, we give many fucks about all of our customer wishes! While we're constantly working on upgrades and maintenance issues (most of which are behind the scenes and not user-facing) this feature request, admittedly, has never been a very high priority compared to other projects.

Can you provide a compelling case as to why a user would need to customize the embedded iframe background color? We have added logic to the Player where if the iframe's dimensions are slightly off from the actual dimensions of the video, we'll adjust the video and thumbnail whenever possible so you should never see black bars around it.



@ Tommy Penner:

Here you have an ongoing neverending thread what compelling reason do you need more? Why lose pople to wisita because of this little tiny thing to implement? Everyone of your competition has this feature build in and a lot of more possibilites to customsize the player itself to fit the website. 1 color customisation thats at best a joke. For me Vimeo is "love it or leave it" which is ok, but not customer orientation at all!!

@All: Here is my workaround described above - thanks to a a lot of help from people on stackoverflow it finaly works. Now you can have Image when your Page is loading and after clicking on the image it loads the iFrame with the actual vimeo-player. Solution: jsfiddle.net/8dyom878/6/
Hiope this helps somebody out - it is not perfect but it works - hopefully the "feature White/Transparent Background" will be implemented in vimeo some day. Maybe there will be even the possibility to change the color ad opacity of the player bar... maybe..

jason bass

jason bass

@tommy: if it's not a high priority then you guys should be able to add this feature without any trouble...right? people have been asking for this feature for over three years!!! is that not enough to persuade you guys? the only reason i'm here is because i wanted the feature!

Amrit Pal Singh

Amrit Pal Singh Plus

Please refer to the attached example as a good enough reason. As we move towards more responsive websites the video is embedded in a flexible layout which changes according to the screen size like on my website. These days majority of the websites have a white background so it will be great if we have the option to change it from black to white.

Link: misterbumbles.com/bookling/

The Ramey Agency

The Ramey Agency PRO

Over THREE YEARS OLD, this thread...

The iframe background is a basic CSS option that should be available in the embed video options.

This has become a business decision now, Vimeo -- you will lose customers if something that so many of your paying users have been asking for is continuously denied attention.

Cornelius Veith

Cornelius Veith Plus

+1 Yes please we need to change the background color. Just looking if another video-hoster offers this feature and then bye bye VIMEO

Christopher Reeves

Christopher Reeves PRO

I pay for Vimeo 'Pro' but this is just amateurish - it can not be that difficult to make this an option.

Anonymous Artists

Anonymous Artists

This is an absolute necessity and i'm having a hard time believing it's not there yet.

Remedy Partners

Remedy Partners PRO

My company will be leaving your service because of this. I cannot believe it has taken you four years of doing nothing. Inexcusable, and we will not pay for extremely shoddy customer service. I urge everyone else in this thread to do the same.

David Ahmad

David Ahmad PRO

Need this as well. Wow funny to scroll through 4 years and no updates. LMAO

Will Gray Magic

Will Gray Magic

Its obvious Vimeo aren't bothered and this is never going to happen!!

Billy Sims

Billy Sims Plus

This may be just another comment towards waxed-up ears, but I also believe this would be a worthwhile change. I can see how it may appear redundant, seeing as the video player is supposed to resize. Practically though, it doesn't always work.

This is a problem especially for making a responsive layout with different aspect ratios. The vimeo player is generally awesome, and I'm really grateful for its look/functionality. In my case, the resizing works well only sometimes, and often leaves one stray, enraging black line (between the edge of my light video, on my light web-layout).

Please add this BASIC functionality. (or let us all know why it is in fact not a small order) It would make a huge difference --especially for customers using the service primarily for embedding. It's really so close to being perfect for my needs... so close. Come on vimeo!

beyond tellerrand

beyond tellerrand PRO

Wow … three years and this is not solved yet? Vimeo, can you please get this done? This should not take too long to integrate this option. Thanks.


kpublic Plus

I'm with everyone else on this one. If the #player background-color was changed to transparent. And if same was done in the player.css declaration for
.player .video-wrapper {
position: absolute;
background: transparent;
then the ugly black bars would not trouble us. This is especially ugly when videos are embedded on a responsive website. As the video gets smaller the black bars get bigger and bigger.

Please! Thanks

/* consider the change in player.css  below
There is also a black background color set for #player somewhere that needs to be changed to transparent as well.  
Maybe this would work */

.player .video-wrapper {
  position: absolute;
  background: transparent;
Workin Hard Workwear

Workin Hard Workwear

+1 white website with a big black box sitting in the middle of the page.... cant fix that...

Sarah Sands Phillips

Sarah Sands Phillips

I would appreciate the option to change to a white background as well. Get on this, Vimeo!

Wouter Siteur

Wouter Siteur Plus

+1. Looking for an alternative paid video hosting platform now just because of this feature. I created a video with a white background and want to blend it on a white page. Without borders.

Knight ADRC


So, I've found a solution that seems to work for me--at least for my videos that properly fit the player. I used the Vimeo embed option here: embedresponsively.com/ and modified the CSS elements so they didn't conflict with existing CSS names. So far so good.

Link: embedresponsively.com/


Newgate PRO

Just like to add my voice to this request - as mentioned above the feature to select a colour isn't necessary, just don't set one! In most cases just leaving the background as transparent would give the functionality people are after. Please sort it!

Dr Fox

Dr Fox Plus

I need this feature - seems an easy fix - set bgcolor to transparent and not black!

I am also having to use embedresponsively.com/ - works well but still a tiny black line above and below for me, but at least its tiny

Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang Plus

Seems like there' plenty of support around this, Adding my vote to the cause. +1

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